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Momentum has no loyalty but we can at least petition him to stick around a while. After getting the goose egg off the Big East Tournament scoreboard, UC posted an impressive win over Weber State which sets up the game tonight (Monday) against the Dayton Flyers. The Flyers have two things going for them year in and out: They are active on the court and around the ball and they have diehard fans! I expect to see a healthy dose of Flyer fanatics in the building for sure. I know, I know, we are too refined to embrace the NIT and heaven help you doing it for the kids!

I'm just hoping the 'Cats play like they have of late, and players who showed so much promise show us its now reality. I also hope players who thought they were better than advertise will recommit themselves and as a team they send these seniors out with another trip to the final four. Deonta Vaugh was one of the guys who came here inspite of...regardless of and not because of. We all owe him support because as this program turns that slow corner to progress and respect, I will remember the soliders of hoop who came here against all odds and said give me a shovel and a hammer; I want to help rebuild UC basketball. Deonta (or Deon-Trey as I used to introduce him) you put in work and there's a cornerstone with your name on it here at UC in the hoops department. And its not bricks; but bricks and mortar.

That's the way I see it, sitting in "The Box Seat" 

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