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Well the 2009-10 regular season is over and no matter what your opinion is the 'Cats are back in the NCAA tournament run. Yes; the Big East tournament has granted the extra wish as a result of a bubble or once bubble team playing well in the tournament. UC has only one game and that's Rutgers. If they're able to get by them U of L is next and after their win over Syracuse do they have any emotion left for the next game?

I know some are not happy about Mike Thomas confirming Mick's next year of employment but do you really want to start this whole thing over or deal with the growing pains? I'll take growing pains for $500 Alex. Then the opposition is saying Box lets get a Calipari in here and I'll quickly say will you contribute to the 5-8 million dollar price tag a hired coach commands? NO and neither will the university in this yet to be named recession.

Face it, Mick has some decisions to make about his staff and maybe who stays and goes or how they do things. I thought he upgraded the staff with the addition of Coach George Jackson who has ties to local talent and high school coaches but more importantly has a rep for developing big players (i.e. Tyrone Hill and others) I look for a more consistent Yancey Gates next year; and the other coaches like Stubblefield who grind all year long are valuable so that is a tough one but at best you'll have to share with your supporters some upgrades even if its how you'll teach the kids, even more, about playing smarter at the end of games. If you look at the games they lost down the stretch it says these kids can play in the Big East. Getting them to do it a few minutes more solves all our problems and ensures us a spot in the NCAA tournament.

The time is now; the new season is called the Big East Tournament and the opportunity to address some concerns and make some noise is here. It's still a one game season and the one game is Rutgers; if anybody looks past them including fans, shame on you. Here's wishing them well after a season more akin to a ride at Kings Island...up and down, up and down.

This time lets just Get up for Rutgers and get down to business for 40 minutes minimum! That's the way I see it sitting in "The Box Seat".

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