Thank you, parents

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Covering a couple of very different sporting events today reminded me about how important having support at home is for young athletes. The first, was a wet, soggy lacrosse game at Nippert Stadium, which UC won handily, by the way. But of the 100+ who were there, I'm sure the majority was made up of friends and family.

And all I can say, is bless 'em. You have a feeling there are a half dozen other things parents and families could be doing on a Saturday, but they chose to support their student-athlete at the game.

Now, the other sporting event I've been attending is the high school basketball tournament-regionals in Dayton. And more often than not, when it's the final home game for many of these teams, the cheer block points to the stands and chants, "Thank you, parents." Now, how cool is that?

My parents didn't wait for me to play basketball or soccer, but they did wait for me when our little singing group, the "Misty Crystals," practiced a couple of times a week. (Mary Travers was my idol) I wasn't old enough to drive, so the only way to get me back and forth, was to shuttle me around. I hope I thanked them for doing that, but I think they knew anyway that I appreciated the opportunity.

So whether you're supporting a lacrosse player, basketball player or soccer student-athlete, we all say, thank you parents, families, and everyone who gives these young women support as they follow their dreams. You rock.

Is there someone you'd like me to write about at UC women's sports programs? If so, drop me a note at and let me know. And thank you for reading.


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