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Live from the basement (the wife kicked me downstairs):

It's Louisville 18-10 with 11:36 to go as we start it off.

Threes, threes and more threes. I haven't seen the Bearcats hit one yet. Finally, Darnell Wilks gets one.

Louisville, meanwhile, is hitting its long-distance shots, making 62 percent of them.

You don't see the "carry" called all that often. But Lance Stephenson just got whistled for one.

I'm enjoying Mick Cronin's cuff links tonight. I need to get some more French cuff shirts.

Darnell Wilks has eight points to lead UC.

Louisville 31, UC 21

That was a nice job of Samardo Samuels of taking Yancy Gates to the basket.

Louisville 35, UC 25 (3:38 to go)

Anthony McClain in the game. He misses a layup.

I have been pretty impressed, though, with the way that Ibrahima Thomas has played so far in the Big East Tournament.

Darnell Wilks with eight points and Thomas with six. But UC is shooting a ridiculous 27 percent from the field and 30 percent from the 3.

Well, do you see UC making a comeback in this game? Not sure that I do.

Louisville 41, UC 32 (half)

Impressive that UC had 18 offensive rebounds in the first half. Of course, the Bearcats missed a ton of shots.

Edgar Sosa is not a bad player.

Flops in the paint and plenty of offensive fouls called on both teams.

Vaughn hits a 3 that cuts the lead to six. Welcome to the game Mr. 1-for-6-in-the-first-half.

A big Gates dunk cuts the lead to five and forces a Cardinals timeout for the second time this half.

Louisville 46, UC 41 (15:09 to go)

Bearcats go on a 13-0 run to draw to 46-45. Then Lance Stephenson ties with 47-47 with 13 minutes to go.

Gates and Thomas with three fouls now.

Louisville 49, UC 47 (11:15 to go)

Stephenson with a nice drive and a runner and then a nice pass to Darnell Wilks for the dunk and the foul to tie the game 51-51. He misses the free throw, but Parker rebounds a Stephenson miss as UC takes its first lead of the game.

Then Wright with the drive, the foul and the layup. He missed the foul shot and Parker with another offensive rebound. Wright then makes an absolutely ludicrous pass.

Unreal that UC is leading this game.

UC 55, Louisville 53 (7:52 to go)

ESPN tells me UC is on a 26-7 run to make it 57-53.

Yet another offensive rebound for Parker, who gets fouled while making the layup. His free throw makes it a seven-point lead.

And now UC is back to airballing 3-pointers, and Sosa hits a 3 to make it a two-point lead.

I'm not sure Cashmere Wright wants to be bumping chests and talking trash with Edgar Sosa.

Wilks with nice defense on Samuels.

Sosa, BTW, has a season-high 26 points.

And another offensive rebound by Parker. That's four big ones late in the game. Unreal.

UC has 28 offensive rebounds.

Deonta Vaughn enters the game and turns it over, which leads to a breakaway dunk by Sosa. Free throw upcoming.

UC 64, Louisville 63 (1:45 to go)

Sosa's free throw is no good. UC still up one.

Deonta Vaughn is not in the game anymore.

Cashmere Wright will take two FTs. He misses it. Parker also missed one earlier.

UC calls a timeout to put in Vaughn. Guess Mick wants Vaughn to take some free throws. Nope, Stephenson will take. He has two with UC leading 65-63. He makes both for the four point lead with 29 seconds to go.

Sosa misses the 3, Stephenson with the rebound and he's fouled. He misses both FTs.

Delk hits a 3 with 9.7 seconds to go

UC 67, Louisville 66 (0:09 to go)

UC inbounds to Vaughn, and nobody fouls him. It takes like 4 seconds before anybody can get to him. He makes both.

UC 69, Louisville 66 (0:05 to go)

And Vaughn strips Sosa as he's about to take a last-second 3-pointer. Nice final 5 seconds by Vaughn.

UC finishes with a ridiculous 28 offensive rebounds. Gates records with 16 points. Stephenson and Wilks finish with 12 points and Vaughn has 10.

UC 69, Louisville 66 (final)

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