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Live from the couch:

By now you probably know that Mo Egger has reported junior guard Rashad Bishop has been suspended for the entire Big East tournament due to a team violation. As Mo writes on his Twitter account, "So next year's most counted on senior potentially goes into the offseason coming off a suspension." Pretty much.

Waiting for this bad boy to start.

UC offensive rebounding earlier. And, as Marvin Lewis would say, that's a good thing.

Ndiaye blocks Yancy Gates and forces the 35-second clock violation.

UC 5, Rutgers 5 (15:40 to go)

Yesterday, Ibrahima Thomas said Ndiaye had never blocked one of his shots. Well, it just happened. Ndiaye has four blocks so far.

UC goes more than 6 minutes without a field goal until Cashmere Wright's runner. The offense is not looking good.

Rutgers 12, UC 10 (10:59 to go)

I think UC might want to cover Mike Rosario from the 3-point line.

From the I bet you didn't think that would happen file: Darnell Wilks with a tough 6-foot runner. Jaquon Parker with the 3 and then Cashmere Wright with the three-point opportunity. For about 45 seconds, UC looks all world.

UC 21, Rutgers 18 (6:49 to go)

Darnell Wilks making an impact so far on the court. That rebound-dunk was nice. He's got nine points so far.

Yancy Gates has missed two layups so far, including an airball.

UC 31, Rutgers 27 (2:45 to go)

Not a good way to end the half. Ndiaye with a dunk ties the game with 32 seconds left in the half. An out of control Cashmere Wright misses an attempted layup. Then, UC fouls with 1.8 seconds to play and Coburn hits a free throw.

Stephenson is 1 of 7 for 2 points. Deonta Vaughn has three points. Wilks leads the way with nine points, and Wright has seven. UC is shooting 36 percent from the floor and 37 percent from the 3. Rutgers is 47 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

Rutgers 32, UC 31 (halftime)

Deonta Vaughn opens the second half with a 3. UC needs him to get going.

Rutgers putting more pressure on UC's offense. So far the Bearcats are handling it OK.

Thomas fouls Jonathan Mitchell as he makes the layup. The free throw ties the game at 41-41 with about 16 minutes to go.

UC 41, Rutgers 41 (15:58 to go)

Amazing how many open shots Rosario is getting.

UC, by the way, is easily out-rebounding the Knights.

Vaughn, after making that early 3, is 0 for 4 from the field this half.

Rutgers 46, UC 43 (11:53 to go)

UC is 5 for 17 from the 3. That's pretty much all you need to say.

I'm still not exactly sure what Larry Davis brings to the team.

Yet, when UC goes away from the 3-pointer, the Bearcats start scoring.

UC 53, Rutgers 52 (7:25 to go)

Lance Stephenson has just taken over this game. And suddenly, UC is up by 5.

UC kind of treading water until Jaquon Parker hits a big 3.

UC 62, Rutgers 54 (3:55 to go)

Now, we will say if UC can salt away this game with FTs. Gates hits 1 of 2 to make it an eight-point lead. Then Parker misses the front end. Vaughn hits two.

Will UC let another win slip away. Rutgers cuts the lead to four with 54 seconds to go. Then, after Parker loses the ball on an in-bounds, Vaughn fouls Mitchell and Mitchell hits two FTs with 30 seconds to go. It's a two-point game.

Larry Davis gets trapped in a corner, and his pass is knocked out of bounds. Mick has to call a timeout. Parker, a freshman who doesn't play very much, is supposed to inbound the ball. He can't. He calls timeout, UC's last.

UC runs four seconds off the clock before Vaughn has to go to the foul line. He misses the first. He buries the second, a 3-point lead.

Heck of a 3-point shot by Rosario over Davis to tie the game with 15 seconds to go. Then, Stephenson drives to the bucket and is fouled with 1.8 seconds to go. He's got two foul shots. He makes the first. He purposefully misses the second, and Rosario had a chance from 3/4 court, but he misses.

The rebounding margin obviously was huge for UC. Bearcats end up owning the glass 44-27. 

Stephenson records 13 points and nine rebounds. Parker also has 13.

Onto Louisville in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

UC 69, Rutgers 68 (final)

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