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Live from 5/3 on Senior Night:

Not a ton of people here to honor Steve Toyloy and Deonta Vaughn, but they both get a nice round of applause, especially Vaughn. He really has been remarkable in his four years at UC.

Starting lineup: Vaughn, Larry Davis, Lance Stephenson, Toyloy, Yancy Gates.

Vaughn, on the second possession, nails the 3 to open the game's scoring. Sorta like what Ron Allen did a couple years ago.

Stephenson has a hand in each of the four possessions. First, he took a bad shot and missed. Then, he dished to an open Vaughn for the 3. Then, he turns it over. Then, he gets two offensive rebounds and pushes in the tip-in.

Say one thing for UC; the Bearcats are playing hard so far.

Not doing such a great job of rebounding, though. Villanova leads there 6-4.

Villanova 13, UC 7 (14:25 to go)

So far, Vaughn looks great. Best I've seen him look in a while.

At first, we thought "Why in the heck is McClain in the game?" Then, when Maalik Wayns couldn't get off a shot in the lane because McClain was standing there, we said, "Oh."

MIck is screaming at one of the refs, and he gets called for the technical. He is absolutely livid.

Somehow, I don't think the Chicken Dance during the official timeout will calm down anyone.

Villanova 18, UC 14 (10:47 to go)

For a brief time, Villanova was imssing its shots and not hitting 3-pointers with alarming regularity. That time has passed. A 3 by Corey Fisher gives the Wildcats a 10-point lead.

Ibrahima Thomas with an appearance.

Villanova 26, UC 20 (6:52 to go)

Nice dish by a driving Larry Davis to Yancy Gates, who lays it in, picks up the foul and makes the free throw. UC down by two with 5:15 to go in the half.

Villanova 27, UC 25 (3:52 to go)

Mick's got the jacket off after an offensive foul called on Gates. He's precariously close to getting tossed.

Actually, good atmosphere here tonight. It's about time.

Vaughn also playing really hard.

Wow, Vaughn with an amazing shot while taking the foul. He goes 1 on 3 on a fast break, somehow gets the layup to fall, and he makes the free throw to tie the game at 28-28. Then, a 3-pointer with 4 seconds left to tie the game again.

Vaughn leads the way with 14 points on 5 of 7 shooting. Nobody else with more than 5 for UC. The Bearcats are shooting 38.7 from the floor and 23.1 from the 3.

Villanova is led by Stokes' 10 points. The Wildcats are shooting 41.7 percent from the floor and 45.5 percent from the 3.

UC 31, Villanova 31 (half)

And just like that, Villanova scores five-straight and UC calls a timeout.

As Vaughn takes the foul and both he and Antonio Pena fall to the floor. Four Villanova players converge on Pena to help him up. Nobody gets Vaughn, until Gates walks over a few seconds later.

Gates tries to slap the ball away from Pena, and Pena responds with an elbow to the head. Then, some words are exchanged. Double technical foul on Gates and Pena.

Jeez, what horrendous shots UC is taking.

Everybody not named Deonta Vaughn is 0 for 11 from the 3.

Villanova 43, UC 32 (15:56 to go)

I don't know why Steve Toyloy is shooting a 15-foot jumper, but not surprisingly, he missed it.

It takes more than six minutes for UC to score its third and fourth points of the half. NIce dish by Vaughn to Bishop. Then, a 3 by Bishop cuts the lead to six.

Villanova 47, UC 39 (11:50 to go)

Larry Davis, it should be noted, is now 0 for 5 from the 3.

UC cut the lead to four, but then Scottie Reynolds scores six points, and suddenly, the Wildcats are up 12.

Mick still isn't happy with the refs.

Villanova 57, UC 48 (7:59 to go)

Jaquon Parker off the bench late, and he's making an impact. A nice drive for the layup and then a 3-pointer.

Then, a 3 by Vaughn, who had been awfully quiet this half, cuts the lead to seven. Jay Wright with the timeout.

Villanova 66, UC 59 (3:41 to go)

Two free throws by Stephenson cut the lead to 3 with 3:24 to go.

UC with the full-court pressure.

Stephenson misses the 3, but Bishop comes flying in for the rebound and the putback. One point game.

Reggie Redding gets a little lucky with that 3, and then taunts Deonta Vaughn a bit. UC timeout.

Villanova 71, UC 65 (1:22 to go)

Gates with a couple FTs to make it 71-67.

A turnover, and Vaughn misses the 3. That would have set this place on fire. Then, Bishop misses the 3 that bounced around the rim for like three bounces.

Reynolds makes 1 of 2 FTs to make it 72-67 with 40 seconds to go.

Vaughn misses a runner, a UC foul and that should just about it.

Redding makes only 1 of 2 to make it a six-point lead.

Not sure why UC isn't shooting 3s with 19 seconds to go, but Stephenson will get two foul shots. And he misses both.

OK, UC still in it. A Bishop 3 with 3.7 seconds to go cuts the lead to two points.

Reynolds will take two foul shots with 3.2 seconds to go. He makes both. Game.

Vaughn's final shot at 5/3 (unless there's somehow a NIT game here) clangs off the side.

Bishop leads the way with 19 points and Vaughn with 18. UC shoots 39.4 percent from the floor and 23.3 percent from the 3.

Villanova 77, UC 73 (final)

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