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It's a little bit rainy, and there aren't a ton of fans in the stand. Which is understandable and, for UC, a little unfortunate. 

Getting ready to get started pretty soon.

There will be two 10-minute periods for the first half, and in the second half, they'll go with a running clock.

Here's the way it'll be scored:

Defensive score:
1 point third down stop
2 points fourth down stop
2 points safety
2 points force special teams kick
2 points negative yard play
2 points kick field goal in red zone
3 points three and out
6 points turnover
6 points defensive touchdown

Offensive scores
1 point first down
2 points 20-yard play
3 points field goal
6 points touchdown
1 point extra point

It'll be first-team offense vs. second-team defense and first-team defense vs. second-team defense.

Second play of the game, Collaros to D.J. Woods, who goes around the end for a 26-yard gain. Two plays later, a screen to Woods, who goes for 13 yards. The offense isn't having many problems so far, and Darrin Williams goes in for the 11-yard rushing TD. Jake Rogers' extra point is good.

Offense 10, Defense 0

Quentin Hines gets the first carry, and he's immediately dropped for a five-yard loss by Chris Williams. Chazz Anderson tries to hit Tomaz Hilton in the flat, but he's way off. A three and out for the defense.

Offense 11, Defense 8

Without Pead in there today because of injury, Darrin Williams is showing he's not bad either. D.J. Woods has been tough on those screens. Collaros has to scramble and Rob Trigg is credited with the sack (though the defense is playing two-hand touch with the QB). Another nice gain from Collaros to Woods. On third and 1, Williams gets it and gains the first down. Collaros is moving this offense, mostly with short routes and screens. He hasn't missed a pass yet. On third and four, he hits Kenbrell Thompkins for the first down. Then, he just rifles in a 13-yard pass to Thompkins for the touchdown. Yes, Collaros does have an arm.

Offense 24, Defense 12

Not a whole lot of running so far the offense. Content to let Collaros and Anderson to chuck it down the field.

End of first quarter
Offense 25, Defense 12

Collaros scrambles, avoids the sack and finds Darrin Williams for a long gain. OK, some people in the stands are going to call an offensive play for Butch Jones. But doesn't the defense know which play is coming. Collaros in a shotgun snap, a little screen to Quentin Hines for a 1-yard gain. Did the fan pick a screen play? Really? Rueben Haley with the INT, but Collaros would have been sacked by Aaron Roberson, so no turnover. Offense to punt.

Offense 32, Defense 17

A little trickery. Anderson pitches it to Woods on a reverse, who heaves it to an open Hazelton down the right sideline. That's a 60-yard pass to the 4-yard line. Hazelton can't believe he got caught short of the goal line. After a penalty, next thing you know, the Bearcats are at the 25-yard line. A little fullback action, hand off to Colin Lozier gains about two yards. Danny Milligan in for the 41-yard field goal, and it's no good. Looked off to the right.

Offense 32, Defense 27

Collaros airs it out and Orion Woodward makes the outstanding catch in double coverage. That's down to the 8-yard line. That was a 49-yard pass play. One play left with no time on the clock. Collaros rolls right and finds Woods in the back of the end zone for the 1-yard TD. On the extra point, Bruce Horner comes off the edge to block it.

Offense 42, Defense 28 (half)

Some stats: Darrin Williams has 47 yards on eight carries. Collaros is 17 of 19 for 199 yards and two touchdowns. Chazz Anderson is 3 of 6 for 19 yards. D.J. Woods has five catches for 69 yards, and Hazelton has four for 83.

Another 20-yard pass from Collaros to Woods. This is becoming routine. And now it's raining and raining hard. It'll be third and 17 for Anderson, and he scrambles for about seven yards. Rogers for the 43-yarder, and it's good.

Offense 49, Defense 42

Not a good pass by Anderson, who throws it directly to redshirt freshman Sean McClellan (formerly of the Dayton Daily News), who returns it 33 yards to the 5-yard line.

Defense 50, Offense 49 (end of the third)

Nice play by Alex Delisi to sack Anderson and force a fourth down. And then Anderson hits a wide open Lynell Payne for the 36-yard TD. Offense retakes the lead and the game ends with 4 minutes to go.

Offense 57, Defense 47 (final)

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