DJ's Out Of The Woods

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Yes and he won't be a secret anymore. DJ Woods showed more of why his former coach wanted him here at UC and after the spring game it will be hard to keep him under wraps. DJ is an athlete and in todays football if you have multiple capabilities, it makes the offense or defense that much better. UC has an established reputation for a wide open offense and Coach Butch Jones wants more. With DJ he gets that and combined with Zach Collaros, good luck Big East defenses!

I think today's game is more acceptable of school yard football because chaos can be organized and its been proven time and again on every level of football including the pros. It wasn't that long ago the St. Louis Rams greatest show on turf won a Super Bowl and more recently on defense the Pittsburgh Steelers and their exotic blitzes show what happens when you lift restrictions. I think fans may be surprised that Coach Jones has an opportunity to go deeper into the creative but I believe he will. He looks, walks, talks and acts like a football coach and I respect that. This is NOT dancing with the stars or T-Ball everybody makes the team. This is a grown man's sport, played in a Big Boys league.

With DJ and Zach and the other returning players; the new coaches and players who want to carry on the tradition, optimism hasn't left UC campus but lets hope the unrealistic expectations have. Going undefeated is possible but if they end up at 9-3, or 8-2 the season won't be a waste. Spring showed you potential, the regular season shows you results. One thing is for sure, this team expect to win and we expect the same. How much is up for debate...always.

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat

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