Finally for Gilyard

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It was a long wait for WR Mardy Gilyard, but he's finally off the NFL Draft board, going with the first pick in the fourth round to the St. Louis Rams. And you know what? He gets a new franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford. That should be fun for him.

I know the Bengals scribes were hoping Cincinnati would take him in the third round, just because he's such a great quote. It could have happened, too. Instead, the Bengals grabbed Texas WR Jordan Shipley.

Here's an example of why the writers were hoping to keep Gilyard in Cincinnati: he was talking to the St. Louis writers on a teleconference just now, and as, AP's Joe Kay reports from St. Louis' AP guy, Gilyard was talking to the writers about catching crabs. I don't know the context of that conversation, but really, that's pretty darn funny.

Seriously, we're going to miss that guy.

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