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(The remarks of Butch Jones from Thursday's practice with temperatures nearing 80)

Is it normal for things to be"heated" at this point?

"You've been hitting each other for nine practices, ten now, and obviously, the heat--I thought we came out and competed but we're still nowhere we need to be in terms of work volume and patience. Everyday is a learning process. I thought our kids competed a little bit."

What do you like about Darrin Williams?

"Boy, I'm really excited about Darrin. First of all, he's a great person and he's one of those individuals who brings intensity and brings passion everyday. His progress from practice one all the way to practice ten continually improves. I'm very excited about what he brings to our offense."

What does he bring?

"Well, he is a different dimension. We're going to be able to put him out on the perimeter and let him run some receiver routes and some slot, some screens. He can execute our run game, he's got great quickness and he's extremely competitive and he's very, very tough."

On the competitiveness of Darrin Williams....

"Right now, he's been extremely hungry. (He's) very passionate and very eager. I like everything that he's bringing to the table right now."

Do you like little guys? (Williams--5-7, 180 pounds)

"Well, I do. There's a difference between little and short. When you're 180-190-200 pounds, first of all, they always have leverage. They're hard to see and very explosive. I've coached anywhere from big backs to smaller backs and I think you need to have a variety in your offense."

Physical play emphasized today?

"Well, I think everyday is. We need to grow up in our offensive and defensive lines. It starts with the mentality to run the ball and the mentality to stop the run. That's something we're preaching everyday. You can talk it, but you've got to live it everyday in the way you practice. You've also got to practice smart obviously. With the injury situation and all that, we've been relatively healthy all spring, minus C.J. Cobb."

Is it tough to discipline the altercations?

"Well, there's a fine line. They've got to understand how to practice. It gets heated, but it's just like in the heat of a game and it's maintaining your composure and your poise and getting lined up. We use the phrase, 'snap and clear', play the snap and clear it from your mind and get ready to play the next. We've got to do a better job of that."

On Kenbrell Thompkins working with the 1s at WR....

"Well, he's pushing and plus, obviously with the absence now of Armon Binns, I said it from day one--our receivers are pretty good, first team--it's our second team that's our depth. We're continuing trying to find depth, especially at that position."

Is Thompkins eligible yet?

"We're still waiting on word with his appeal."

Can anyone stop Walter Stewart?

"Walter's doing a great job and he's another individual like Darrin Williams who gets better everyday. He's a great individual. He's got great passion. He's got a great hunger, he's got a great thirst to get better each and every day. He's taking coaching and obviously, I think Steve Stripling's the best defensive line in America. He's really taken with Steve. He's teaching him and running with it."

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