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Good news if you're a bearcat fan and/or a compassionate soul;  Charges against former UC basketball star Steve Logan were dopped due to inconsistencies in the stories involving the allegations of his reported criminal act(s). Since the charges have been dropped I don't need to mention them.

I know he's breathing a sigh of relief and hopefully praising GOD for his freedom but what's next? How do you rebound from a situation that had you in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons? I know its stars with evaluating your life and your priorities. I don't know Steve personally, just from the years at UC, where he kept it close to the vest and with family. I get that but now that you are trying to rebuild trust and confidence among those who would employ you it is imperative that your circle steps up for you like the screens they set on those long jumpers.

Sadly one of my memories of Steve is that of he and his agent, allegedly, turning down the contract offer with Golden State because it wasn't guaranteed money (at the top of the second round) and subsequently he never got to display his talents in the NBA. The balls never seem to bounce his way after that and it culminated with these charges. But now that this is for the most part over with, let's hope he can share his talent with a coaching staff who can not only use his success on the court but his near tragedy off. So many star players have a feeling of invincibility and he can show them just how thin the line is, and he's young enough that they can relate.

I wish Steve Logan the best in rebounding from this situation. I hope the Bearcat faithful encourage and root for him the same way they did when he was making jumpers and winning games. He's due at least that; don't you think?

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat...

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