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      Going into the final week of practice, a certain UC running back has a lot going for him. It's called "The Big Mo"/a/k/a momentum. Darrin Williams from "Motown" has been turning the head and catching the eye of Head Coach Butch Jones by being his multi-dimensional self and making plays.

      No, he's not ready to unseat Isaiah Pead as the feature back. But, he's proven his worth by consistently making guys miss in the open field. At one practice this past week, he scurried to the endzone unscathed from about 50 yards or so...TWICE!

      "That's the idea man," said Williams. "Try to make big plays. That's what this offense is based on, everybody coming together as one. Just have as many weapons as we can and I'm just trying to play my part."

      His part on this day was to match Isaiah Pead, who had also broken a touchdown run, and Quentin Hines who nearly did. So, the 5-7, 180 pound Williams did so and then some. As soon as the "Red Sea" seemingly parted, Williams was through without much prompting from Moses.

      "When I see it open like that man, I just run," said Williams. "I don't even think of nothing. I just think to make the first guy miss. Then, once the first guy misses it seems like it's clean from there. The more 'first guy misses', the easier it is to score."

      With his shifty moves and his speed, Williams has left many an opponent's athletic supporter on the field. (He did run a 10.61 100 meters in high school and won a couple national AAU titles in the indoor 60.)

      After redshirting a year and then playing sparingly last year, Darrin Williams is ready to jump in and be the "situational guy" in any situation Butch Jones comes up with. He already has a 100-yard kickoff return from last season, so Jones is fully aware of #10's capabilities.

      "I just try to show what I can do always," said Williams. "A true running back can pass block and run the ball and catch the ball. I feel like I can do a numerous amount of things--whatever they need me to do, I'll do."

      As many have said, you can't measure heart, desire and determination and Williams has plenty of all that. In red zone situations where Pead has improved and John Goebel has a track record, the dynamo from Detroit has been no slouch dishing out his own dose of punishment on defenders.

      "You've just got to be able to handle it," said Williams. "If you slow everything down and read your reads, it's not that hard. The defense is going to come with intensity anyway, I just try to do what I can do, that's it."

      The good news from all of this is as Williams improves, the offense improves. And, the offense has noticeably improved in the last week. Earlier in spring drills, it was the defense earning the "props" and the offense has since responded.

      "They came out with the intensity that we didn't have, we came out sort of flat," admitted Williams. "We had a team meeting and Coach Jones told us to get it going. I took it to heart. I saw an article that said defense dominates offense in a scrimmage and I don't like to see that. I feel like our offense is one of the best in the nation and that if we get clicking, we'll be hard to stop."

      With yet another playmaker at his disposal, it's outright scary thinking about what Butch Jones could concoct.

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