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Effect of the crowd noise today?

"Oh, I think it had an effect. A lot of times, when you run a no-huddle system--survival of the fittest--these kids line up and play fast and they rely too much on the verbalizations and not the hand signals. Obviously today, piping in the crowd noise, you couldn't hear anything. It made us go back to the roots of the offense which is all hand signals--different signals and seeing who's live and who's not live. I thought it was a great, great teaching point and a great learning lesson. We've got to get better on offense, plain and simple. We've got to get better as a football team each and every day. We're nowhere (near) where we need to be, we're nowhere where we should be. That's what spring football's for and we'll continue to strive to get better."

Offense improved as day went, but early on was sloppy....

"Real sloppy for our liking and for our expectations of handing the ball to the officials and the overall efficiency of operating the offense."

On several fumbles during the day....

"We're going to pride ourselves in taking care of the football. We're going to get those things corrected."

Any movement on the depth chart between 1s and 2s?

"We'll sit down as a staff and we'll grade each and every player. Tremendous, tremendous teaching occurred with all the situation football that we exposed our players to and then obviously we're seeing who we can win with in the fall. This is a great gage and I'll know more once I watch the film."

On the defense's dominance on the scoreboard Saturday....

"Well, I thought we got after it. (There's) still a long way to go. The one individual that really sticks out there right now who's added another level to our defense is Walter Stewart. I think you see that with him coming off the edge. I'm real pleased with him--he's got to continue to learn the 'Leo' position--very excited with the progress he's making right now."

On having Dominique Battle square off with Vidal Hazelton in practice....

"It's more the situations and the schemes than anything else."

What does Vidal Hazelton bring to the receiving corps?

"Well, he's got to pick it up. He'll be the first to tell you in terms of being in shape to run the offense, the nuances, the whole group (needs to ). I know he's got great expectations for himself, but he's still going through a learning process of learning how to play fast, and getting lined up, and being in receiver shape, and getting through the next play and snapping clear if something happens. I'm excited about him because I know he's hungry. I know he's passionate and he wants to do it, but we've got a long, long way to go and he's far from being crowned anything or earning a starting spot."

Does he have and advantage having been here for a year?

"No. He was here for a year, but he ran scout team. It's easy just to run scout team--look at a card and run deep and we'll throw you the football. It's different when you do an offense and you've got to know down and distance and you've got to get lined up and you've got to know route conversions and techniques and all those things. It's a big difference."

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