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Now that UC football is firmly on the local map and arguably the national one (a BCS bowl game win would help) its time to expand the fan base. With our ever growing Hispanic and ethnic population, I hope the Bearcats see the new frontier of their fan base. Just in Cincinnati alone the population of Spanish speaking citizens is growing faster than we know and with grocery stores, newspapers and events that draw large Hispanic crowds, UC can really get the jump on Ohio State, Miami of Ohio and others by rolling out the welcome mat. They may have already done it and I'm not aware of it and that's ok too.

I think this city is experiencing a growth on multiple levels but we must not forget those who want to call Cincinnati home. By engaging the Hispanic community it also endears their college bound children to have a connection to the University of Cincinnati and that increases enrollment, diversity numbers and potential scholars. 

Sports has always been the great equalizer and as you see the NFL doing more games outside the US, the one place where the numbers boom is in Mexico when the Cowboys play there. 100 thousand fans show up and revel in the moment. If UC gets one-tenth of that that's 10 thousand new fans, students and supporters simply by saying you're welcome here. Football is growing in popularity around the globe and while it won't soon replace football (soccer) as the world knows it, it can grow its market share. UC get out into the Hispanic Community and invite them to a football game, practice or take players to them and say
If you're a Cincinnatian then we're your (college) team! UC could be a trend setter with this type of outreach and capitalized on their efforts in process. Imagine Cincinnati being know for reaching out...hmmmm I like the sound of that

Ésa es la manera que la veo...sitting in The Box Seat

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