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On wide receivers getting some extra blocking sled work at the end of practice....

"It's just we pride ourselves in the receiver position here. We're going to take great pride in the details of run blocking and blocking on screens and doing all that. That was just a point of emphasis that we're going to block. They're called receivers, but there's a difference in being a receiver and a pass-catcher, and it's different."

You do have some 'pass-catchers'?

"Everyone just thinks you run out there and block, but there's a lot of technique that goes into it. It's a mentality. I've seen great effort in trying to block, a lot of it has just been a breakdown in fundamentals and we'll get that corrected. That's why we coach."

Is Kenbrell Thompkins more confident in what he's doing?

"Yep. I think the further we go, he becomes more and more comfortable with the offense. You can see his teammates embracing him. Right now, he's doing all the right things from academics to the football field. You know, we're just waiting word (on his eligibility for fall)."

Do you get a kick out of hearing the chatter back and forth between the defensive backs and the receivers?

"Oh yeah. Both sides of the ball are very prideful. They're very prideful groups and they compete each and every day and the great thing is, they walk off the field and they go in the locker room and they're talking about, 'Hey, what did you see on this play?' So, they're coaching each other too, which is great to see."

On Jake Rogers' field goal to end practice (teammates surrounded him and heckled as he had to boot one through)--kind of like running suicides in basketball and letting someone hit a free throw to end it?

"That's exactly it. Like I said, everything is applying pressure, controlled chaos and competition. Our kickers aren't excused from that."

As coaches, are you ready to compete in Saturday's Bearcat Bowl IV?

"We're ready to compete again a little bit. I wish we had another 15 practices. I think we've made great strides, but we're nowhere even close to being game ready. Saturday we take very seriously because it's another evaluation day. It's a day where we can compete in front of our fans and we can see which guys step up when 'quote/unquote' the lights are on."

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