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We've seen the hi Mom, love you Mom and even request for the favorite dishes on TV during sporting events, most of the time during football games as a outward show of affection for Moms. So with Mothers day coming up this week, I thought I would take some time out to thank all the Mothers (Dad you day is coming) for just being Moms. Typically Mom is the transporter, chef, paper processor for scholarship opportunities and judge and jury on punishment and more.

But they're also the compassionate ones who root, cheer and believe even when Dad says otherwise based on facts. All Moms know that loving and supporting that child-athlete is of vital importance and good for self esteem. To have someone believe in you even when you don't always do the same sets them apart, even if it was the sole reason they get props. But when you listen to guys talk about their Mom, especially past tense its obvious they have continued the nurturing way past the womb. If its present tense, its on going and you're looking forward to seeing her or eating her cooking as we speak because frankly: no ones food is as good as Moms (and if it is....shhhhh!)

My Mom died in 1983 and I still long for her mac and cheese, salmon croquettes and 7-up cake among other things; and have also grown to love her discipline and warnings. When you play sports in the Big East the pressures are a little more than a DII or DIII school or even a mid-major; So when you call home, the one voice that can soothe you or kick you in the butt to end the pity party is usually Mom. I say usually so that Dads who do the same recognize I'm not omitting them. But we know Mom is special, worthy of praise and they say the women you end up marrying will remind you of your Mom. If you love your Mom, then what a fitting tribute to her and compliment to your wife.

Mom's thank you for all the sacrifices, car rides, meals on the go, laundry, hemming and stitching, tissue, hugs, corny jokes, criticisms, love, support and "Momness" you give us without hesitation and regret. You are First Team All American, MVP Most Valuable Parent, and the one we can count on in the clutch, time and time and time again. We salute you and I dedicate this blog to all the Mothers of UC players past, present and future. Enjoy your day!

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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