Nippert Stadium Home Improvement

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The talk has begun again for Nippert Stadium home field improvement and I think this time is the right time to begin moving forward. I had talked to an architect name Wade Price, a passionate UC fan and he had his own ideas about how the stadium could look going forward and I'm sure others in his field have also. With the success of football courtesy of Dantonio and Notre Dame Kel', the way was paved and now with Coach Butch Jones gaining momentum at every turn, the reality that aluminum seats may now disappear gives me joy!

A few luxury suites, upgraded seating for alumni and more restrooms, and this stadium might attract more fans as a result of their efforts. It's why your detergent is new and improved the the Escalade is all new; everybody likes new and improved even if, like me, you don't know what was really wrong with the old product. Well admittedly I do know what's wrong with this product; simply put the stadium is not up to code, football code for the Big East and any pending merger of conferences on the horizon. Don't get me wrong its a special place and its an advantage to have the heat on our sideline during cold games, etc. but it could be so much more. It's like some cars look good but adding a little detail brings out the uniqueness and beauty of the vehicle.

I hope they move as fast as possible given the red tape these projects have in tow; but when I look back at Wade's futuristic approach to upgrading Nippert, I can't help but get excited that yet another Cincinnati iconic structure gets a much needed facelift. Look at the expressway downtown as you drive on it or crossover it, post renovations; look at the Duke Energy Center after its expansion and renovation and look at Kenwood Towne Center (formerly plaza) after it ascended from the ashes and you can see why I'm excited for Nippert too. 

Lets get the stadium the Big East upgrade and division I home improvement it deserves. The luxury boxes will sell as will the premium seating. Oh and while you're at it can you start the preliminary discussion for the Big Orena named (obviously) for Oscar Robertson. He's had yet another birthday since I last brought this up and I will lead this charge as an employee of UC if I have to because I KNOW it can be done. 

By doing this the Nippert home improvement and The Big Orena basketball complex are 2 moves that would make President Williams' tenure a treasured part of UC, past present and future.

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat.

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I'd rather compare the Nippert renovation to the upgrade and renovations of iconic entities like Union Terminal, Roebling Bridge, and Music Hall. If Nippert ends up looking like the convention center, we might as well play at Paul Brown stadium.