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With so much talk lately about conference realignment and the Big Ten poaching schools from either the Big East or the Big 12, let's get a little discussion going here. What happens to UC if the Big Ten takes a few Big East squads, say Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Syracuse? Do the Bearcats take a huge step backward? Will they continue to play for the BCS title?


UC athletic director Mike Thomas told the Enquirer earlier this month he expects the program to remain in the Big East. But what will be of the Big East? Yes, commissioner John Marinatto hired former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to serve as a consultant - most likely, his main role will be to figure out how to keep the league intact if the Big Ten plucks some of the conference's best fruit - but in reality, there's not much else the Big East can do until the Big Ten makes its move.


A few links:


Here's a story in the Newark Star Ledger that details Rutgers' upcoming crossroads decision.


One solution for the Big East? Start its own TV network.  


The Big East and the Big 12 aren't the only conferences that are worried about Big Ten realignment. Marshall and Conference USA are concerned as well.


I don't think Notre Dame will join a conference - unless its hand is absolutely forced, as athletic director Jack Swarbrick has said - but here's one argument about why the Fighting Irish should.


So, what do you think? Shoot me an e-mail at jkatzo@hotmail.com, and let me know what you believe UC should do if the Big Ten should demolish a major portion of the Big East. I've already heard from some of you - ahem, Gary - and I'll post those ideas later in the week. But be Big East commissioner for a day, and tell me what you would do to 1) prevent this from occurring (if it's preventable) and 2) what your response would be.

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