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Well the first shot has been fired and the Pac 10 has welcomed Colorado, formerly of the Big 12, to their conference. Others are lining up and jockeying for position as the fight for Super-Conference supremacy takes center stage. The SEC is eyeing Big 12 schools and the Big Ten has its sights set on Nebraska. Now comes word that Texas is staying in the Big 12 but will it hurt or help their national title runs in the future? You can hear the prevailing argument now: we won all our conference games and we were undefeated outside the conference as well. 

But then one of the super conferences will have a strength of schedule 3rd place team with a couple of losses getting a bowl bid over an undefeated team and thus you have college basketball part II. You know the complaints leveled against the Big East for having 8 teams in the tournament and so on and so on...

This, to me isn't going to end up well and what happens to a basketball strong conference like the Big East, who's football isn't a strong suit? What happens to an A 10 who has a couple of football teams who may move up due to vacancies in conferences bigger than theirs? Who knows? The bottom line is we won't know until several years from now whether it was all worth it, the jockeying and relocating, but the bigger issue is watching how the NCAA ranks the conferences this year and next year when the moves are scheduled to take place. Who emerges as THE conference and the TV darling? who gets the ESPN game of the week? the ABC prime time game? All this and more on the next episode of "All My Conferences". 

Stay tuned; I am...

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat

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