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The University of Cincinnati football caravan is off and running and what a novel idea for college arm wrestling in the state of Ohio. We all know that Ohio State football is king of football and rightfully so; no one can argue their dominance and national championships but no one can argue either that the entire state belongs to them. UC, this past year, was ranked higher than the Buckeyes and there were plenty of reminders via T-shirts, blogs, signs, etc. The national media has fallen in love with UC and yes former coach Brian Kelly gets a lot of that credit whether you like it or not. But they still love UC and I know they're going to love Coach Butch Jones as well. He is his own man, and a football guy and that will go over well in a football crazed state.

So with the caravan, something the Cincinnati Reds have mastered, UC football has a chance to connect with cities within the state that offer some of the best talent to college football teams across the country. Michigan loves coming here, as do teams in the Big East, SEC, get my drift. So what would happen if those players started staying here in bunches? well look at UC the past few years and you have your answer.

So as the Isley Brothers say "Every woman every man, join the caravan of love..." 

With coach Jones in tow there is room for you to get on board; and you, and you too. Why not? Ohio State has enough fans and hanger-ons to last through the next century. And for the rest of the football fans in the state who chose otherwise, you finally have an option in the state to root for: The University of Cincinnati; The UC who has won the Big East; played in two straight BCS games and bring back enough firepower to give us hope they can do it again. With coach Butch Jones, I think they will. With you on board they odds increase; so join the Caravan of Love. Who knows, you could be on the front end of a new football dynasty in the state of Ohio and in a position to lend a hand to the bandwagon fans who will join you sooner rather than later. They'll need help getting on board the Caravan...

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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