Day 4 and Day 5 Recaps - What you missed

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Just trying to get caught back up, these links have multiple games on them -

Day 4 Recaps

Netherlands looked classy and played good attacking football and were rewarded with 2 goals against the Danes (Denmark).  Very impressed with Dutch subs who game in and changed the game.  #17 Elia came on as left midfielder and immediately showed why he is the future of Clockwork Orange.....athletic, skillful, pacy, composure in front of goal.  What this guy play, he looks super human at times.

Japan were resilient and determined against Cameroon and were rewarded with a 1-0 win.  Cameroon disappointed with a lack of creativity in the attacking third, they played more direct than most African nations usually do.  Hopefully, Cameroon can use their WC experience and rally in their second and third games.

Italy and Paraguay drew 1-1 thanks to yet another GK error by Paraguay.  Both these teams seemed poised to advance in their group and this result might just help them do so.  With all 4 teams having tied 1-1, advantage will always go to the teams that have been there before.  New Zealand and Slovakia will both struggle against these teams in the next round.

Day 5 Recaps

Late goal by New Zealand gives Kiwis a chance to celebrate their first point ever in a World Cup.  Having only been here once 28 years ago, New Zealand's WC history was losing 3 games, conceding 12 goals, and scoring they have really to celebrate how far they've come.  No appearance by UC's own Tim Brown due to injury 3 weeks prior to this game, we hope that he'll be healthy to contribute in the All Whites next match or two.   Best of luck to both of these teams as the road will get much steeper from here on out.

For such a quality match-up on paper, the Ivory Coast vs. Portugal 0-0 draw was a poorly played game.  Both teams failed to commit everything that they had to win the game.  Seeing Christiano Ronaldo hit the post and Drogba play the last 30 minutes were expected, but seeing the Ivory Coast fail to serve a corner kick in at the end of the game was very disappointing.  One of those teams is going to regret not playing this game with a little bit more vigor because Brazil will advance from this Group G of death.....therefore, someone will be going home earlier than they had hoped......Portugal most likely to exit now with North Korea.

Brazil defeats North Korea 2-1 and North Korea competed very well but were simply outmatched in this game.  A GK error early in the second half helped Brazil to break the game open and be rewarded for their persistent attacking style.  North Korea fought with pride and were rewarded with a late goal against the run of play.  Don't think this goal will prove costly at the end of Group play, but you never know.  Brazil still on track to win Group G but they will need to be in form to do it.

Sorry for the delay getting you caught back up, these games are so intriguing that my entire day schedule is turned on it's hear to see the games as they happen.  Stay tuned for some second round action coming up.  This is where things get interesting.  Expect to see 2 or 3 players have multiple goal games in their run for the golden boot award.  Please let us know who you think has a good chance of winning it.

Second Round, here we go...........

UC Soccer Staff

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