Day 6 Recaps - Argentina, Greece, and Mexico earn 3 pts today

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Day 6 Recap

Was another very competitive day of games today.  In the first game, Greece came back from a goal deficit to beat Nigeria 2-1 and earn their first World Cup win ever.  They benefited from a needless red card earned by Nigeria midway through the game.  Although Greece won this game, they will struggle against Argentina in their third game and remain at 3 pts for the tourney.It will be up to South Korea to take care of Nigeria and earn a trip to the second round.  Nigeria, usually an African standout, has been very disappointing playing in Africa.  Another GK error, this time from the usually strong Nigerian keeper made the difference in the score line.  Nigeria had many chances to score even with 10 men but failed to show composure in front of the goal.  From an entertainment value, this game had it all so check out the replay if you missed it. 

In the second game, traditional power Argentina was a joy to watch in the attack as they pushed the tempo and created many scoring chances against a very disciplined and organized South Korea side.  Lionel Messi was nasty in this game and had a hand in all 4 Argentina goals.  Although he didn't score one and his teammate Higuaine recorded a hat trick and scored 3 goals, there is no argument that Messi is the "straw that stirs the drink."  Argentina won 4-1 and took complete control of their group. 

The afternoon game featured 2 excellent teams on paper, 2006 World Cup runner-up France against CONCACAF stallwart Mexico.  France needed to prove that their first game was a fluke and they didn't get it done.  Mexico wins 2-0 and looks very good in the game.  France didn't play well as a team and fell to a CONCACAF team for the first time in history.  Les Bluess will most likely make an early exit like they did in 2002, they either go big or go home and this year it appears as though they are done.......please try to score a goal in your third game, your team is loaded with high profile EPL and UEFA stars.  On the other hand, Mexico is hot and I would not want to have to play them in the second round or the quarters....nice blend of young players and mature experienced veterans that play as a team on both sides of the ball.

Be sure to watch the Day 7 games tomorrow!

Germany vs. Serbia at 7:30 AM

USA vs. Slovenia at 10 AM

England vs. Algeria at 2:30 PM

Go USA!  We need 3 points any way we can get it!

UC Soccer Staff

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