News from South Africa - Ryan Lavigne, current player

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We will from time to time include exerpts from some of our current players, former players, and friends of the UC Soccer program.  I just got an email this morning from Ryan Lavigne, who just completed his first year with our program.  He is native to the Cincinnati area and played his HS soccer at Sycamore.

He is traveling to South Africa for 3 weeks to experience the greatest game on the greatest stage.....this is his initial post:

"After 5 days of traveling with stops in new York and Doha we finally made it to south Africa yesterday. The atmosphere on the plane was great. Fans from all over filled the plane all wearing there jerseys and some waving large flags. The airport was the same way. We watched the USA England game at the bar at the guest house that were staying at.  England has a serious keeper issue, USA didn't look too bad.  Our first game isn't until Denmark vs. Holland tomorrow at twelve thirty but were headed to Johannesburg today. Will check back in after the game."     - Ryan Lavigne

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