Our Staff Predictions for WC 2010 (Groups E - H and Later Rounds)

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Group E



Group Winner

Hylton Dayes (HD) - Netherlands
Daniel Ensley (DE) - Netherlands
Jeremy Bonomo (JB) - Netherlands
Chris Black(CB) - Netherlands
Special Guest (SG) - Netherlands

Second Place

HD - Japan
DE - Cameroon
JB - Cameroon
CB - Cameroon
SG - Cameroon

Group F

New Zealand

Group Winners

HD - Italy
DE - Italy
JB - Italy
CB - Italy
SG - Italy

Second Place

HD - Paraguay
DE - Slovakia
JB - Slovakia
CB - Paraguay
SG - Paraguay

Group G

Ivory Coast
North Korea

Group Winners

HD - Brazil
DE - Brazil
JB - Brazil
CB - Brazil
SG - Brazil

Second Place

HD - Portugal
DE - Portugal
JB - North Korea
CB - Portugal
SG - North Korea

Group H


Group Winners

HD - Spain 
DE - Spain
JB - Spain
CB - Spain
SG - Spain

Second Place

HD - Chile
DE - Chile
JB - Honduras
CB - Chile
SG - Chile

Advancing to the Quarterfinals

HD - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain
DE - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain
JB - France, Algeria, Netherlands, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, Spain
CB - France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Italy, Spain
SG - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain

Advancing to the Semifinals

HD - England, Brazil, Argentina, Spain
DE - England, Brazil, Germany, Spain
JB - France, Brazil, Nigeria, Spain
CB - France, Brazil, Argentina, Italy
SG - Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain

Advancing to the Finals

HD - Brazil, Spain
DE - Brazil, Spain
JB - Spain, France
CB - Brazil, Italy 
SG - Brazil, Spain

2010 World Cup Winner Prediction:

HD - Brazil
DE - Spain
JB - Spain
CB - Brazil
SG - Spain

We'll see how our selections stack up.  Perhaps a new nation will emerge and surprise the rest of the planet........looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

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