Our Staff Predictions for WC 2010 (Groups E - H and Later Rounds)

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Group E



Group Winner

Hylton Dayes (HD) - Netherlands
Daniel Ensley (DE) - Netherlands
Jeremy Bonomo (JB) - Netherlands
Chris Black(CB) - Netherlands
Special Guest (SG) - Netherlands

Second Place

HD - Japan
DE - Cameroon
JB - Cameroon
CB - Cameroon
SG - Cameroon

Group F

New Zealand

Group Winners

HD - Italy
DE - Italy
JB - Italy
CB - Italy
SG - Italy

Second Place

HD - Paraguay
DE - Slovakia
JB - Slovakia
CB - Paraguay
SG - Paraguay

Group G

Ivory Coast
North Korea

Group Winners

HD - Brazil
DE - Brazil
JB - Brazil
CB - Brazil
SG - Brazil

Second Place

HD - Portugal
DE - Portugal
JB - North Korea
CB - Portugal
SG - North Korea

Group H


Group Winners

HD - Spain 
DE - Spain
JB - Spain
CB - Spain
SG - Spain

Second Place

HD - Chile
DE - Chile
JB - Honduras
CB - Chile
SG - Chile

Advancing to the Quarterfinals

HD - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain
DE - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain
JB - France, Algeria, Netherlands, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, Spain
CB - France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Italy, Spain
SG - Mexico, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain

Advancing to the Semifinals

HD - England, Brazil, Argentina, Spain
DE - England, Brazil, Germany, Spain
JB - France, Brazil, Nigeria, Spain
CB - France, Brazil, Argentina, Italy
SG - Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain

Advancing to the Finals

HD - Brazil, Spain
DE - Brazil, Spain
JB - Spain, France
CB - Brazil, Italy 
SG - Brazil, Spain

2010 World Cup Winner Prediction:

HD - Brazil
DE - Spain
JB - Spain
CB - Brazil
SG - Spain

We'll see how our selections stack up.  Perhaps a new nation will emerge and surprise the rest of the planet........looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

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1 Comment

No one is picking Argentina?!

I'd pick Spain personally, but wouldn't be surprised if Argentina plays well. Maybe this is the WC that Messi breaks out of his slump when playing with his home country... we could only hope to see some magic out of the little guy!