Some Down Time in South Africa

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Hello to all of our friends out there following along in this wonderful trip to the World Cup!  Day 6 was somewhat of a laidback/recharge day for us.  We have been going non-stop for the first 5 that we needed this day to kinda relax.  Thomas, Brandon, and Justin drove up to Sandton (20 mins away) to see if they could get round of 16 tickets for the games on Saturday and Sunday.  They discovered that the games were all sold out.  This is a little bit of a bummer but all is not lost.  We may drive to the stadiums and try and scalp tickets and take our chances...its high risk but also high reward!!  I think all of us would regret at least not trying!! 


By far the highlight of the trip so far is this next part.  We got to go to Timmy's hotel to spend some time with him!!!  What excitement!  Although I think Timmy was the most excited to get away from the day to day routine he has been in for quite some time.  When we pulled up to his hotel...this wasn't your normal hotel, it was one of the best golf resorts in the country as well.  They did a detailed check of our car inside and in out and sent us on our way.  It was about a 5 min drive just to get to the clubhouse where we were going to meet Timmy.  When we parked some employees of the resort met us at our car and knew what we were there for.  We felt like we were some sort of celebrities...haha.  Most everyone we met inside the clubhouse knew who this "Tim Brown" fellow was...and some of the female's eyes lit up a little bit....typical Timmy to wooo the females!! Hahaha!  We sat and chatted with Timmy for a little over an hour and it felt like old times.  We talked about the college days and the parties we went to.  Nothing about soccer was discussed though....this was his break away from soccer and he just wanted to see how all of us had been doing.  He kindly let us know that he lived in New Zealand and that it was ok for us to visit now that we have passports!! HA!  He asked about some of you and we carried on with lots of laughs.  It was truly nice to sit down with a good friend that lives half way around the world and talk about the "good ol days".  We snapped a few photos with him and he signed a few things for us to bring home and it was off to the Argentina vs. Greece game.  Timmy had got us tickets to this game in really good seats.  When we left Timmy was going to escort us out of this massive place in his own personal golf cart.  You see...this wasn't really a was a resort with a bunch of gigantic houses on it.  There were 5 players to a house and they all got golf carts to get around.  This was dangerous to give Timmy such free reign with a golf cart!!  As he was escorting us out we had to go through 4 round-a-bouts which are confusing enough back home but to be on the wrong side of the car and the road made it even more challenging!  He took off on the wrong side of the round-a-bout and we proceeded as good SA drivers on the correct side (the left side).  There is no traffic back in the resort so we are sure that Timmy has drove anywhere he wanted and not had an issue.  Well this was different...his excitement level was through the roof and while on the other side of the round-a-bout he cut over and BAM!!!  Hit our car right behind the right front tire!!  What are you doing?!?!?!?!?!  Hahaha.  We all got out and after knowing Timmy was not hurt rolled around on the ground laughing hysterically.  He left quite the dent in the side of our car and we know we will end of paying for it but


we were all laughing to hard to care!  After we left the resort the 5 of us continued to laugh and talk about what had just happened!  A World Cup player just t-boned us with a golf cart...and here we are trying to avoid all of the other crazy SA drivers and we get tattered by a golf cart with no one else around!  About 5 mins after we left Timmy calls us and is still laughing about it.  We knew at this point that the last hour and half we spent with him meant the world to all 6 of us.  Good ol Timmy...he still hasn't changed!

The game was about 3 hours away and there wasn't really anything too exciting about the game.  Some of you may have watched it.  About the most entertaining


thing was watching Diego Maradona celebrate the goals!  Our seats were right behind the Argentina bench so we had a good view of this!  Yes, Messi is just as good in real life as he is on TV.  It is simply breathtaking to watch him with the ball.  We sat a few rows in front the Seth Blatter, the president of FIFA!  That was very cool to see!  The game ended 2-0 Argentina and it was off to the park and ride to pick up our now beat up rental car!! Haha.  We made it home just before 2:30am and quickly went to bed.  We needed rest for the USA game tomorrow at 4pm!!!!!!!!

The SA crew

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