The Love of Football

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I was out of the country and one distinct thing I noticed is the unapologetic love of football (soccer) that exist worldwide. People watch every movement, game and news alert like its life and death. It started me thinking how important is sports to Americans? 

We have long been accused of being fanatics, going above and beyond but everyone knows it pales in comparison to World Cup and other soccer followers. Death is not an oddity but part of the annual recap of instances attributed to the sport. Divorce and spending ones last moneys to see their team are all too common. So why are we so critical of the bus with UC logos, and painted faces and even dressing our kids up in gear they have no idea they're wearing? Because believe it or not we're the civilized fans for the most part. 

From college to the NFL, our football is a religion make no mistake about it, but we know where the blurred line is; and its a lot easier to see comparatively speaking. Yeah alcohol interferes with common sense but other than carrying someone to jail or back to the house we're tame...

That doesn't justify inappropriate behavior by no means and it shouldn't be encouraged or tolerated but lets keep it in perspective as we watch World Cup football and as our football season approaches. Root for UC, the Bengals or whomever you choose; just do it in a way your children and parents can accept. We are always on the world stage because we are a dominant country and great news to report when things go wrong. The world revels in our troubles. But admittedly we probably do the same. 

The only thing I have to say about the US Soccer team is you better hire a coach from Brazil if you ever want a chance at winning a World Cup, kind of like other countries hiring american coaches for basketball. Get with the people who dominate the game, otherwise they'll keep dominating you; but in our case we can't get deep enough into the tournament to challenge soccer's big boys.

But I digress; It's good to be back amongst the real football fans in America. Blow the whistle and lets get this party started!

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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