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Oh wait a minute.... Did you see the USA game?!?!  We didn't think this WC could get any better then Donovan put in a 92nd min winner!!!  How crazy was the Pretoria stadium?!  You would've had to be there to appreciate the craziness!!!  I'm


pretty sure that every US fan stayed about 30 or 45 mins after the game chanting "USA" "USA" USA!"  It was nuts.  I can't even describe how lucky we have been to see the games we have seen.  We can only hope that the NZ vs. Paraguay can be better!

Anyways, the 7th day of our trip started out semi-early but we slept in a little bit to rest up for the next couple days.  Brandon, Thomas and Justin headed to the mall to pick up a few groceries, stopped at the inet cafĂ© and bought a few souvenirs before heading to Petoria for the USA game.  We left for the US game around 11:30 and it was about an hour drive up there.  We got up there and searched for a pub to have some lunch and a few drinks before the game.  There were so many USA fans in the spot we parked it was incredible!  We found a pub and had some lunch and some drinks before heading to the stadium.  It was an older stadium but kind of a cool stadium.  Mike and Jen had different seats from B, J and T but it was a


great time for all of us.  If you watched the game you know how it ended.  From Brandon, Justin and Thomas' seats there were some England fans that were clearly at the wrong game.  They were adamantly cheering against for the US like Xavier cheers against UC.  It was like little brother cheering against big brother!  Right before halftime England scores and these 3 guys start cheering and all the US fans are giving them some crap!  B, J and T starting cheering..."England doesn't matter, England doesn't matter... Na, Na, Na, Na, Na."  I'm sure you all watched the game so we don't need to go into detail on what happened.  It was crazy!  EVERYONE WENT NUTS!!!!  We can't even begin to describe how crazy it was in the stadium.  After the game was over the team stayed out on the field for about 25 mins (which is longer than normal) saluting all of the fans, it was quite awesome!  There were so many US fans, it was great to see.  By this time the England fans had left b/c they realized they were still little brother being 2nd in the group now!  Ha!  We left the game and headed back to Joburg (yeah we use the slang now b/c we feel like we are pretty much locals).  We met up with Carina, Ian, and one of their friends for dinner at a


local Mexican restaurant to have dinner and drinks. We met them at their house and went over to the restaurant.  We were there for about 3 hours just having dinner and drinks just talking about the game, South African culture and all around having a great time.  At this point we realized how lucky we were to rent our flat from such great people.  This made us look forward to our Braaie on Friday nite.  After dinner we headed back to our place to hang out, watch the highlights and unwind a little bit from a crazy day.  We have to get ready to celebrate a NZ win against Paraguay the next day! 

Hope you all are doing well!!  Until then... AYOBA!!!!!!!!

The SA crew

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