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The best place to start is at hello, so, let's do that. Hello, my name is Paul Dehner Jr., and I will be your tour guide through the world of the University of Cincinnati football and basketball. Please keep your arms and legs inside the boat and watch out for sarcasm.

This will go into the book as post No. 1 as I take over this job for the esteemed Josh Katzowitz. I would be remiss to go any farther without praising Josh for the job he did in this space over the past few years. His prose were as well-groomed as his goatee and his reporting was always spot-on and made you think. I only hope to build on the strong foundation he created and try to try to add my own personal touch to the process as well.

Today's post will be a far cry from pretty much all those you will see under this heading because I would like for those of you who don't know who I am to own a little glimpse into not only myself, but what I intend for this to be.

For those of you that want to check my credentials, you can read the press release the good folks at UC communications put together. For those of you that don't, just assume I am the most accomplished journalist in North America. 

Hopefully some of you have read my writing from my time spent at last season covering UC. It was a fun experience being part of what I think was one of the most successful independent sports endeavors done in the country last year. It is changing a bit now, but that is another story.

It allowed me to take part in what has been my dream job for a long time, that is covering sports in this city. To be doing it with the University of Cincinnati now is an honor I hold in the highest regard. 

Now, here is the important stuff you need to know about me going forward. I will quote Seinfeld. A lot. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I am a Cincinnati kid, born and raised, and love everything about this city -- except for I-75. I am 13-1-2 for my career in dance-offs. I boycott the pecan industry because of the lackadasical nature of their truck drivers. Yes, I would like another beer. I absolutely will not explode it when you offer a fist-bump. I learned 48 percent of my life lessons from Forrest Gump. Two percent came from Season 3 of The Real World. I will never trust a gibbon. I will eat Skyline Chili in any setting. I will not run unless chased or challenged to a race. I will beat you at cornhole. You will not like it.

OK, so those probably weren't the most important nuggets you need to know, but this is: I will work tirelessly to keep you informed on all that is happening with UC football and basketball. 

A close friend of mine said his theory is that time spent reading about sports online is inversely proportional to how much you hate your job. If that is proven correct, UC fans staring at a pile of TPS reports are going to be spending a lot of time on this blog. We'll call you my core demographic, the people who just can't get enough. I intend to make you even more unproductive than you already were.   

Nearly every weekday morning, there will be a post here. Let's call it breakfast. It will serve as a clearinghouse of all that is being talked about regarding UC athletics and also the Big East. Look for it to be lightweight, fun and informative.

Most days another story will follow later in the day. Expect that.

Once practices and player availability open up, it come more frequently and mostly from those sessions. Let's call it dinner. I will do my best to do it before the clock you have been zoning into hits 5 p.m. I have some ideas for what all of these stories will be, and they won't all be in the most traditional form, but I have to leave something to keep you coming back, so I will keep those a secret for now.

Here's the point: the changing world of sports journalism has drifted to the couch -- that spot directly next to you where you turned over the cushion so the Franzia Chillable Red stain can't be seen anymore. What people want out of their sports reporting is to feel like it is their buddy watching sports with them. Only, that buddy has all access and knows close to everything about the team. The best reporting is ALWAYS factual, never based on rumors, analytical, fun, debated, topical and not afraid of what everybody else is saying, rather, embracing it.

I plan on doing all of those here on a daily basis.

So, don't be scared when I link to some blogs or even engage them. They aren't the enemy. Just because they aren't allowed in the press conference doesn't mean their opinions shouldn't be noted. Quite the opposite. This is meant to be an open forum of discussion on what all UC fans care about: the Bearcats. We want your passion to be felt, no matter where it's based. As coach Butch Jones would say, we want to hear how you Represent the C.   

Here in this space, I want you feel like you know me and I want to feel like I know my readers, in particular, what they want. If you have questions you want answers for, let me know and I will do my best to get them for you. If you want a topic discussed on here, let me know and I will do my best to do it as in-depth as possible. The hope is smart, researched posts will result in intelligent comments and discussion. I want this to be a conversation and outlet for us to live, eat and breathe UC sports. I want this to be the seat next to you on the couch.

Please follow me on Twitter @pauldehnerjr, you can email me at or say hello to me on the street. Just don't ask me to explode your fist-bump. 

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Awesome first post PDJ. You have some mighty big stylish shoes to fill. But we're confident you'll get it done. na

Paul: Welcome to the Bearcat nation. What is the Big East Conference doing to protect the football schools? Especially U.Cinn. and U. Louisville. We could be left out in the cold with all this expansion stuff going on this year. The lack of action by the Big East Conference is frustrating.
Tks, Mr.P.