Bearcats Breakfast 7.11.10

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I hope everyone had a fun weekend, I know I did. Of course, Dehner Cornhole Classic VII which took place on Saturday was apparently nowhere near as much as fun as these guys got into.

New week now, one closer to football season. 

We are now only 54 days away from the opening game between UC and Fresno -- as Butch Jones tweeted today -- knowing how close the season is to starting hopefully makes you as excited as this DJ.

Let's move on...

--- Bill Koch put together another nice weekend UC story. This time he broke down the financials of the UC-Bengals arrangement for the game against Oklahoma at PBS this year.

As long as UC draws 45,000 for that game they will make $240,000 more than they would at Nippert, according to the story. Sure, it's frustrating to see the Bengals take in so much cash for the event, but that is the game you have to play in this town.  

Even if UC only would have broken even this would have been a great move for the Bearcats. The bigger the stage, the bigger the exposure and the bigger the program grows. Anytime you can associate yourself with the NFL in any capacity it is a major advantage with recruits.

Make no mistake, that is 90 percent of what recruits care about: Can you get me to the NFL?

--- For today's daily dose of Brian Bennett, he took a look at coordinators to watch and has Jon Jancek and Tim Banks at the top of the list. Plenty of pressure on the two to piece together a defense that can make enough stops to counter the offensive power.

--- David Steele on Friday wrote about the security the ACC-ESPN TV deal provided to the network. It will almost certainly keep any conference poachers away.

The same cannot be said about the Big East as of yet, though the temporary relief is allowing everyone to breathe without a paper bag. Once the season ends and the Big Ten or 12 or whatever, make decisions on if they are going to stop, the expansion topic will return and the Big East will be front and center.   

--- For anyone who cares, DePaul is working out some nasty kinks in Oliver Purnell's rebuilding process.

--- Former UC assistant under Bob Huggins, Larry Harrison, is officially Huggs' righthand man at WVU as he added the title Associate Head Coach.

--- If you care about rankings, the Austin Ameican-Statesman slots UC at No. 20 -- ahead of WVU and Pitt. So, the Bearcats have that going for them, which is nice.

--- UConn added a USC transfer.

--- I know that Josh Katzowitz moved on to bigger and better things with his new job at CBS. But at some point during his review of the Ochocinco dating show, he had to be partially regretting the decision. A fun read if you have a minute, though

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