Bearcats Breakfast 7.14.10

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I want to continue to say thanks to everyone who is now following me on Twitter and a special thanks to all the people who emailed me with questions they have about the football and basketball programs. There should be a pretty hefty mailbag coming up as soon as I can track down the official answers to all of your questions. Keep 'em comin!

--- There's a new assistant coach now in the mix for UC basketball as Darren Savino heads to the bench to take the place of Tony Stubblefield, who left for Oregon.

Here is the story from Mike DeCourcy.

Savino is one of Mick Cronin's guys from Murray State and anybody who can recruit a player the caliber of Mike Rosario to Rutgers has some serious skill in pulling talent.

--- The National is an NFL Draft grading service used by many NFL franchises. They released some of their grades for the top seniors in next year's class. No Bearcats, but two members of Pitt's defensive line make the cut, Greg Romeus and Jabaal Sheard. 

Butch Jones has to be having nightmares about these two guys.

--- To be honest, some mornings during the summer, there just isn't much happening on the old Internet involving UC. Today is that day. Trust me, I searched the couch cushions, nothing there.

However, for all you fans of the World Cup or intoxicated Spainiards, there is this video of the Pepe Reina plane party.   

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