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Quick bookkeeping, I received an email yesterday asking if there was a way to view the blog as it is posted without having to check in to the site looking for it every day and the answer is yes.

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--- The Enquirer is reporting that Winton Woods head coach Troy Everhart has stepped down and will be joining the UC staff.

Plucking a talented local high school coach as a local recruiting wizard who obviously can coach 'em up sure worked out well before with Kerry Coombs. Why not try it again?

I remember talking to Winton Woods product Chris Williams during the spring and all he talked about was how himself and high school teammate Maalik Bomar felt just like high school again as they both were working their way up the depth chart. This will probably help their comfort level even more.

UC is still working on winning the battles for the blue chip recruits in the city. They are as close as they have even been to holding on to the Kyle Rudolphs and Jordan Hicks'. Maybe Everhart can be an addition to put them over the hump.

--- Zach Collaros ended up on the Davey O'Brien Watch List yesterday. His spot on there got me wondering how his numbers would compare to the best in the country last year if they were extrapolated out over the course of an entire 12-game season.

First off, let's do the math on Collaros.

Taking the four games he started, he was a combined 83 of 106 for 1,233 yards and 8 TDs to one interception through the air. He also rushed 43 times for 193 yards and two more touchdowns. Multiply all those numbers by three and you have a full season:

Zach Collaros: 3,699 yards passing with 24 touchdowns and 3 INTs. Add in 129 rushes for 579 yards and six more scores and that's a total of 4,278 yards from scrimmage and 32 touchdowns to three interceptions.

Now, let's take a look at the top half of the DOB Watch list:

Case Keenum, Houston: 5,671 yards passing, 44 TDs, 15 INTs

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: 3,627 yards passing, 30 TDs, 7 INTs

Christian Ponder, FSU: 3,623 yards passing, 19 TDs, 9 INTs (projected over full season)

Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M: 3,579 yards passing, 30 TDs, 8 INTs, 506 yards rushing

Kellen Moore, Boise State: 3,536 yards passing, 39 touchdowns, 3 INTs

Taylor Potts, Texas Tech: 3,440 yards passing, 22 touchdowns, 13 INTs

Jacory Harris, Miami: 3,352 yards passing, 24 touchdowns, 17 INTs

Landry Jones, Oklahoma: 3,198 yards passing, 26 touchdowns, 14 INTs

Russell Wilson, NC State: 3,027 yards passing, 31 TDs, 11 INTs

Nathan Enderle, Idaho: 2,906 yards passing, 22 touchdowns, 9 INTs 

Jake Locker, Washington: 2,800 yards passing, 21 touchdowns, 11 INTs

Dwight Dasher, MTSU: 2,789 yards passing, 23 TDs, 14 INTs, 1,154 yards rushing

Andy Dalton, TCU : 2,756 yards passing, 23 TDs, 8 INTs, 512 yards rushing

Matt Barkley, USC: 2,735 yards passing, 15 TDs, 14 INTs

G.J. Kinne, Tulsa: 2,732 yards passing, 22 TDs, 10 INTs

Andrew Luck, Stanford: 2,575 yards passing, 13 TDs, 4 INTs

What do all these numbers mean?

Well, by the numbers, Zach Collaros enters the season as the top dual-threat QB in the country. Take that for what it is worth considering we are assuming Collaros could have continued his four-game pace over the course of an entire season. However, those numbers aren't inflated by a few non-conference cupcakes and do include some of the better teams in the Big East in WVU and UConn.

Outside of Keenum, whose numbers are so absurd they shouldn't even be a part of this breakdown, Collaros 4,278 yards from scrimmage would have ranked as best in the country from a QB with only Jerrod Johnson at 4,085 coming close.

Combine those stats with the fact he would have only thrown three interceptions, only matched by Boise's Kellen Moore against WAC competition, and the numbers are almost as impressive as Keenum's with 15 interceptions.  

What Collaros did in his first four career starts last year is nothing shy of remarkable, but if you are counting four games as consistency (a bit of a stretch) then you view his pedigree as one of the top three in the country entering the season.

If setting expectation numbers for Collaros, I probably would start with matching the above stats. If he does anywhere in that vicinity, it will another special year for UC.

--- Brian Bennett put together five games to earn respect for the Big East along with five games to fear for the Big East.

UC has one on both. Not hard to figure out which ones they are. Fresno State has trouble written all over it with the West Coast trip and a talented, amped up Fresno crowd on opening night.

Of course, many UC fans were nervous about opening at Rutgers last year and it ended up being a springboard to a perfect season.

Oklahoma, well, not much else needs to be said about that.

--- Andy Katz talked to Bob Huggins about the respect West Virginia garnered last year and also the expectations of the Mountaineers this coming season. Stopping WVU begins and ends with stopping Kevin Jones.

--- Dawg Sports lists Pitt as one of six teams that will meet or exceed expectations. Without a win against UC at Nippert, that prediction would be false.

--- In closing, for any of the Star Wars nerds readers, this Improv group put together a funny skit on a NY Subway. Pretty classic. I recently had the pleasure of filming a video shoot with the entire Star Wars cast at the Reds game. Watching Gapper and R2D2 meet in the hallways and whistle at each other for five minutes was one of the most bizzare moments of my life.

Anyway, if you are more a fan of genius Subway moments and less of Star Wars, you can enjoy this Rick-Roll.

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