Bearcats Breakfast 7.16.10

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Happy Friday to everyone. It's a special weekend for me because, as a child of the late 80s and early 90s it's impossible to contain my excitement for MC Hammer night at Great American Ballpark tonight.

I owned the cassette tape of "Let's Get it Started," and like every kid in America in 1990, knew all the lyrics to "U Can't Touch This." (Thank you, for blessing me with a mind too much and two hype feet) I still don't claim his Funky Headhunter era, but do know the hook to Pumps and a Bump is one of the catchiest he ever put together.

That said, this will be a special night as the Hammer is going to hurt 'em with a concert before and after the game and even do some spots during. I will be there, and I am assuming the entire stadium will be filled with 28-32 year-olds. Plus, a ton of 1990 Reds will be in the building for HOF weekend and the 20th anniversary celebration of that team. Chris Sabo bobblehead night on Saturday.

Just when you thought this was a completely selfish rant without any UC significance, I prove you wrong. Sunday is UC Day at the Reds. Mike Thomas and baseball coach Brian Cleary will be recognized and President Dr. Gregory Williams will throw out the first pitch. You can buy discounted tickets here. Can't beat it. Hope to see you there.  

Moving on...

--- When the Bearcats face Indiana State in the home opener on Sept. 11, there will be a familiar face on the opposing sideline as the Sycamores hired Rick Minter as a linebackers coach.

For those who hadn't been paying attention, Minter was defensive coordinator for the Marshall Thundering Herd the past two seasons. He even took over the role of head coach the The Herd's 21-17 win in the Little Ceasers Bowl last year...against my alma mater Ohio Bobcats. (cue Price is Right loser horn)

--- Tommy Gelehrter interviews Jefferson Ave. construction project manager Barrett Bamberger about the progress there. Beyond their matching hard hats, vests and stubble, it is a nice look at what is going on inside the fences on campus. They are about a month away from laying down the field turf.

Tommy G doesn't stop there -- MONTAGE! 

--- UC-Pitt makes yet another Games to Watch list for this season. This time at USA Today's college sports blog. I don't care what you say, I know Bearcats fans will at the very least be checking the phone for the score to the first game on that list.

--- The folks at Bearcat Report are pitting this year's hoops team against those of the past. This edition has the 2002-03 squad. I sure do miss Leonard Stokes. (Subscription required)

--- The Bleacher Report placed Lance Stephenson on its list of the most impressive players from the NBA Summer League. Of course, so is Reggie Williams, who spent most of last year in the D-League, so draw your own conclusions.

--- You can almost feel the angst humming off the computer screen when you read Card Chronicle's Least Cool Person of 2009 tournament.

--- The spring and summer for the Providence basketball program has been almost as bad as its defense last year. And that is saying something. 

--- Technically, the Bearcat is the defending national champion of mascots, but we will let BR have their top college football mascot rankings anyway. Even if it doesn't include the champ.    

--- I loved the Ultimate Warrior. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was a close second. Wrestling was a way of life growing up.

That's why when something like this shows up documenting the LeBron debacle and Mean Jean Okerland can play the role of Dan Gilbert, well, it holds a special hillarious place in my heart.

If you weren't into wrestling, rather loved a long day at the library, I imagine you might enjoy this fake-commerical from the folks at BYU.  

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