Bearcats Breakfast 7.20.10

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Packing quite a bit in today, so will have to give a slightly abbreviated breakfast. Eggos and a banana on the go.

On to the links...

--- More information than expected came out of Mick Cronin's mid-summer press conference yesterday. The biggest news was on the status of Rashad Bishop. I have that information in my post from yesterday, right here.

Bottom line is this: If Cronin sees the committment level from Bishop has continued and he doesn't slip up between now and early August, it would be a strong possiblity he would take part in team's practices for Canada and be with the team this season.

As Cronin said, "nobody wants him on this team more than me, and probably Rashad." Considering the lack of offense returning and what Cronin said yesterday will be more of a pressing team, having his best defender and second-leading scorer return for a senior season could be a difference-maker in the long run. 

In the same vein, you have to believe there will be little tolerance for any off the court missteps if he does.

--- Florida could be forced to vacate its Sugar Bowl victory against UC. Vacating the win is much different that forfeiting. If they vacate, neither team would earn a win and UC would still technically finish the season 12-1. If it were forced to forfeit (highly unlikely) then UC would be awarded the victory.

Question: Would that make you feel any better about what happened in New Orleans? Would you even want to hang a banner that said 13-0 if that was how it was awarded?

I wouldn't. It would feel disingenious and I would never be able to look past the giant asterisk next to it.

--- Much was made last season about Cronin's rotation of players. Particularly that there were too many in said rotation. The folks at Yet Another Basketball Blog looked at the percentage of playing time for reserves for every coach in the country.

Cronin landed 107th overall and 5th in the Big East. Not exactly the land of extremism.

The intersting thing I find about the list in the Big East is so many of the younger coaches in the league playing deep benches. The more tenured all appear to be playing starters. There may be other factors into that considering all the math and variables that accrue over the course of a 20+ year coaching career (Boeheim, Calhoun), but just an observation.

--- Pitt may have suffered a significant blow to their team when Jabaal Sheard allegedly tossed a guy through a glass door, got maced and was suspended by the team. In his defense, if I had to spend any amount of time in an art gallery I would probably want to throw somebody through glass, too.

Pitt Blather is, of course, all over it, even with a catchy headline.   

Sheard had five sacks in his 13 starts last season and was seen as one of the premier players in the Big East. Depending on how many games he misses (and possibly the whole season considering the severity of the crime) this could be a significant blow to the preseason favorites to contend for a BE title.

--- Hope everybody has a productive day and successfully keeps the clowns from attacking their house.    


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