Bearcats Breakfast 7.26.10

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Nobody wants to be at work today. Hopefully reading this will make you forget about that for five minutes. Remember, NFL camps are opening, UC camp opens in two weeks and the Bearcats invade Fresno State in 41 days.

Look at it this way, it could be worse. At least you didn't literally get crapped on at your job today. Well, at least I hope not. 

--- Concerning news on the Bob Huggins front. Huggins fell in his Las Vegas hotel room late last week and broke four ribs. He was expecting to be released from the hospital on Saturday, but is still be being held there for observation, according to a WVU spokesperson.

Not a lot of details on exactly what happened or if there are complications, but sure hope this incident turns out to be a minor bump in the road on all fronts.

--- Not surprisingly, Zach Collaros was added to the Manning Award Watch List. He was the 12th player unveiled. As I broke down in an earlier post, if you extrapolate his numbers out over an entire season he could be considering the top quarterback returning in the country, by the numbers, at least.

--- Continued low expectations from the national folks. This time from the Sporting News who place UC at No. 41 on their list. They claim 8-4, 4-3 as a final record. This falls in as about the general consensus average from all the predictions I have seen.

Of course, these expectations would change with a win against Oklahoma at PBS (I smell a segue....) 

--- Tickets for the Oklahoma game went on sale this morning. As I have said before, this is a great deal for one of the biggest non-conference regular season games this program has seen. Tickets are reasonable and Phil Steele ranked Oklahoma No. 1 in his preseason poll. 

--- I've heard many UC fans rave about how much they enjoy Kings Island Day with the football team. It is a great opportunity to interact up close and personal with the players and even coach Butch Jones. This year's event will be Aug. 22 from 12:45 p.m.-3 p.m. at the park under the Eiffel Tower.

Players and coaches will be signing autographs and such. If they are like me, you will probably find a few of them sneaking off to Hannah-Barbara Land for some Smurf Ice Cream. Why does it taste so much better just because it's blue? One of life's great mysteries.

--- The NY Times reopened the conversation on a topic that may have slipped the mind of a lot of UC/Big East fans when the expansion uproar came to a temporary halt a month or so ago.

Yes, the Big Ten could very well still pluck some teams from the Big East and desires a NY/DC presence.

The Big East appears to have avoided the complete catastrophe when the Big Ten took Nebraska and the fact the 16-team superconference model was staved off for now should be enough to keep the conference safe from being plucked into extinction.

--- Can't help but comment on this story about Adam Dunn going up to see Bob Uecker during the Nats game against the Brewers this weekend without permission from manager Jim Riggleman. Dunn's attitude in this story is exactly why you loved him as a Reds player but wanted to see him go at the same time.

It's sort of the same way I feel today about Johnny Bench as he drives deeper and deeper into Crazyville. 

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