Bearcats Breakfast 7.27.10

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The Breakfast is full of protein today, we are only 13 days from the first UC football practice and Mike and Mike won't be broadcasting an opening weekend Monday Night Football game instead replaced by a guy who looks just like me. Life is really turning for the better.

--- UC announced yesterday that the first official practice for the Bearcats would be Aug. 9 at Nippert Stadium before moving to Higher Ground Conference Center in Indiana on Aug 12.

A few of my followers on Twitter (you can follow me here) were asking if the practices at Higher Ground were open to the public. The answer I received from the athletics department was that they typically are not, but if one of them is opened up, there will be a post as soon as possible on

Know that as soon as I hear anything I will be alerting the world via morse code much like the soldiers did in Independence Day when Randy Quaid figured out how to take down the alien aircraft.

"We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! Today is our Independence Day!"  

--- AOL Fanhouse breaks out the 12 Heisman candidates to watch in the Big East. Is AOL Fanhouse playing the "let's be good coaches by giving everyone a trophy" routine? It sure was cute how they let Syracuse feel like they count, too.

Outside of Dion Lewis, Noel Devine and Zach Collaros, it's hard to imagine anybody else being mentioned for a trip to NY in December. I leave out Jordan Todman and Tom Savage because UConn and Rutgers probably don't have enough firepower to warrant the kind of season that would put them in the running. Jonathon Baldwin will only get the credit if Lewis gets hurt and Pitt still wins the conference.

--- Expansion talk never stops, particularly when we have nothing else to talk about. ACC commish John Swofford says his league looked at some 14- and 16-team scenarios and understands the pros and cons

"There's a reason it hasn't happened," he said. "But that doesn't mean it won't happen."

If a second round of craziness were to be launched by the Big Ten, the ACC would be the most likely big-conference landing spot for UC. But let's worry about Doomsday some other time.   

--- For those of you interested in this type of thing, Rashad Bishop apparently knocked down a game-winning 3-pointer at the Deveroes league this week, according to Bearcat Report. Mick Cronin has made his stance on the Deveroes league pretty clear, as he said last week, "nobody guards anybody over there."

Regardless, it's good to see Rashad playing and hitting some big shots. He will have his fair share of opportunities to hit them this season as this team searches for offense -- assuming he successfully completes his program.

--- Lance Stephenson will be making $700k next year, according to

I will not be, according to my tax receipts.

--- Xavier is adding a transfer from Monmouth that averaged 17.8 points a game last year. According to Gary Parrish, his final list of schools might interest those who read this blog.

--- This came out last week, but apparently the Big East-SEC Invitational is "on life support," according to Fanhouse. The rumor is the games this season -- which don't include UC -- will be the farewell tour for the event.  

-- A quick Bob Huggins update: his assistant coach is saying he broke seven ribs and not four. He is still in a Las Vegas hospital.

--- Samuel L. Jackson is yelling at Falcons fans. It makes me want to order a Samuel Jackson beer. (Warning: Explicit language) No, I can't stop yelling! That's how I talk!

--- You thought all the nerds converged on San Diego for Comic-Con this past weekend. No, they just love Dawson's Creek. Do-do-do dodo. Do-do-do dodo.

--- Not sure what is more ridiculous: a) this ultimate frisbee catch at the Ultimate Frisbee World Championships, b) the fact that there are Ultimate Frisbee World Championships, c) the fact that it appears there are more people at the Ultimate Frisbee World Championships than Marlins games.

--- Let me guess: Catcher and cleanup?  

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