Bearcats Breakfast 7.29.10

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Sorry about the lack of breakfast yesterday. A couple of bad breaks caused a lapse in the space-time continum and my morning post was sucked somewhere next to rich Biff in the alternate 1985.

But, we're back today and I have a hold of the sports almanac.

--- I wonder how a team could be on a list as one of the Top 10 Underachieving teams and also be on a list of the top overachieving teams....BY THE SAME WEBSITE!

It may be time for Bleacher Report to start curbing the number of lists they publish.

--- Rivals picked UC at No. 24, much higher than some other services have placed the Bearcats around the late 30s, early 40s. The preview is nothing fans paying attention don't know, but it is always to read somebody else's opinion. Or at least, I assume that is why you are here right now.

NY Times places UC at 43.

Paul Myerberg details why. 

--- All the attendees for the Big East Media Days was announced. UC will be sending Zach Collaros, Armon Binns and JK Schaffer. They all make sense, but undoubtedly the biggest crowds will be surrounding Collaros. Here is the list of everyone attending from Brian Bennett.

I put the over/under on Brian Kelly questions during the event at 7.  

I also put the over/under on Tim Tebow questions during the event at 7. But that is standard for any media function anywhere.

--- Dominick Goodman was named Offensive Player of the Year in the CFL after racking up 473 yards and 18 touchdowns for the Cincinnati Commandos.

Oh, and he's now on Twitter. So, I say congrats, but you also can do it yourself. 

And apparently he is now playing for the Dresden (Germany) Monarchs. I have heard Dresden is beautiful this time of year.

--- On the same note, Ben Mauk was named CFL MVP. Lot of Bearcats love in the arena league.  

--- Good news for Pitt fans. Incredible news for Jabaal Sheard. Bad news for the rest of the Big East.

--- Bob Huggins was released from the hospital.

--- Somedays you hear good news, like you just hit your 10th Sub Club Sandwich and you can eat lunch for free. Sometimes you hear great news, like your wife's copy of Must Love Dogs was ruined in a tragic Franzia incident. And then you get unbelievable news, like this.

I can't properly voice my excitement for this revelation. And I cannot properly voice how hard I laughed reading this quote (mind you Alphonso Ribeiro played Carlton and James Avery Uncle Phil, let's just say their careers haven't quite launched like Will Smith's):

"Will [Smith] and Tatyana [Ali] crossed paths a while ago and were chatting and joking about the idea of getting everyone back together. A couple of the old writers including Andy Borowitz caught wind of it and started putting some stuff together... Alfonso [Ribeiro] and James [Avery] are also said to be 100% interested in doing it,"     

Uncle Phil and Carlton are on board? You think? They would settle for Will to just return their calls.

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