Bearcats Breakfast (7.8.10)

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I know I have opened each post of this week talking about this, but it's just been nice to see the response to my arrival here. There was a bit of a Twittxplosion yesterday -- much of that thanks going to my former partner in independent sports journalism and beard connoisseur C. Trent Rosecrans.

I learned people are really excited about UC football and I absolutely need to turn the new follower email notification off. Feel free to jump on board @pauldehnerjr 

Anyway, on to the latest post. I know all I have had to this point so far are these links-related aggregates, but alas, don't worry. The irons I have in the fire for some really intresting features, stories, etc., are beginning to warm up. With so many people at UC on vacation right now it can be difficult to get in touch with the folks necessary to do these features right, but we are getting there. So, just hold tight, enjoy the summer and know plenty of new content is coming soon.

OK, moving on...

--- Lance Stephenson continues to play well in the NBA summer league. After another solid outing in a loss on Tuesday, he led the Pacers to win over the Jazz yesterday. Here is a recap, with a larger nugget about Lance at the bottom of the story.

The note that stands out most to me: only two turnovers. Not bad for a kid learning to play point guard in the NBA who still can't legally have a beer after the game.

--- Looking forward to next year, UC won't have to play UConn twice again, but the one time they do they will be seeing a focused Kemba Walker. He will be dangerous in a Big East suffering from the mass exodus to the NBA. Mike DeCourcy at the Sporting News had this Q and A with him.

--- Some guy who used to write some garbage about UC has this story catching up with Mardy Gilyard after the rookie symposium. Standard Mardy goodness.  

--- Big East blogger and PDJ favorite Brian Bennett broke out the home video today and has his reasons for hope and concern with UC football in 2010. His points are clear, concise and spot-on and he doesn't appear to be reading from cue cards at all.

Of course, sometimes it's better to not have cue cards -- or any kind of support crew -- just ask Conan O'Brien.   

--- Down the Drive breaks out the ultimate jinx machine. I remember when I was 11 and I used to put the Bengals schedule up on a big chalkboard in my room. Before the season started I put a big W in chalk next to the Kansas City game.

That W stared at me like the "I want you" poster all season, as I knew set myself up for the pie in the face -- which wasn't a huge problem for 10-year-old PDJ. I did love pie.

Long story short not so long, KC 17, Bengals 15, as I recall. Pie. Face.

All I am saying is, be careful what you proclaim.

--- The voting comes to end in the All-Star last man vote, with UC's Kevin Youkilis being lapped on Wednesday by Nick Swisher despite the help of the Reds-Red Sox alliance that stirred up a bit of anger in beautiful Saint Diego. This whole voting thing has me in a glass case of emotion.    

--- Also, heard from one of my new Twitter followers that rumors are floating of skee ball at Bearcats tailgates this year. I only hope this is true. I would issue a challenge, but my incessant greed in trying to bury the 100-pointer every time always dooms me.  


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