Independence Days

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Without hesitation this 4th of July I'd to first salute the men and women past and present who serve in our military and afford us the opportunity to experience freedom and even complain about it. So many of them have served and come home to try and re-enter society, sometimes not with so much success. Others come back and are able to without missing a beat and even go on to make their mark in other areas of life including sports.

UC has seen many a military person come back an enjoy stellar athletic and academic careers and in the process teach us something about what really matters. While we sit in traffic complaining, they sit in fields amidst land mines. While we complain about clothes not being ready from the cleaners, they repeatedly wear the same uniforms as standard practice. We rush to get home, they hope to get home. I could go on but I think we all get the picture; military people have given of themselves in ways worthy of constant recognition. So if its July 4th or September 19th or March 10th, its a great day to honor those who fight for us and for those who've lost their in peace

I salute teams and sporting events that let military in free because at a moments notice the could be deployed or redeployed and may not come back. While the same applies to us all we know they are in foreign land, not totally aware of their surroundings and not knowing who to trust. Suicide bombers are more prevalent than ever and attacks come from all sides. If we think gang violence is a concern in our inner cities magnify that by 100.

So the next time you're upset about something small, relatively speaking, think of our military. The next time you have an extra ticket seek out a service person and offer it to them or their family. Even simpler than that, the next time you spot a person serving YOUR country, say thank you. We have freedom and they are the reason; no matter what the time, or the season.

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat.

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