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UC Football fans have spoken and they have shown their resiliency post Brian Kelly regarding their support of UC football. Student season ticket sales have exceeded last year and that speaks volumes about the Cattitude' of the fans and their belief in the new leadership of Coach Butch Jones.

Basketball will once again regain its foothold on the campus but we all have to be amazed, even a little, at what is going on gridiron wise when you think Dantonio, Kelly, Jones combine for less than 10 years of leadership among them. That's not consistency by any definition and that typically leads to fan apathy and lack of attendance. But winning is the great equalizer and while Coach Kelly will get a lot of the credit, and deservedly so, it was Coach Mark Dantonio who turned the corner with the perception of this team. he being a former Ohio State coach who brought "cred" here and now with Coach Jones the winning and belief continues and that means anything less than a Big East title could be disappointing if you choose to be unfair. I want them to win and expect them to compete but when we lose seniors and other teams juniors' now become seniors they have a legitimate shot as well. Please keep that in mind...

Either way its nice to see a consistent product and response to that product by the fans because it was earned. It also a reminder of what will happen in basketball now that they have emerged from the shadows of Huggins, Kennedy and a player-less roster and into Big East tournament game winners and NCAA bubble-ers. If they keep growing then this will be their year and we will have what we all desire; winning sports year round as it relates to the revenue producing sports. Nothing against baseball, track and field or even swimming but the money these 2 sports potentially generate fund the others.

For the sake of the student athletes lets hope both these programs have stellar years and go into the post season with lots of success and momentum. The fans have spoken for the football team and to roll that over to basketball might be what they need to get over the hump. So here's to a great 2010-11 season for UC football and basketball. A hard to find ticket means an easy to find winner.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat...

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Dantonio should be given credit for bringing some great recruits to Clifton. However, he was only one game over .500 for his career here and has been mediocre at MSU. Not sure how him being from "the state school of Columbus" gave him "cred" here in the Queen City? He was the third choice for a HC when choosen. Kelly brought the charisma, x/o's, and vision sorely lacking with his predecessor.