The latest on Rashad Bishop

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A shroud of questions hovered over the status of Rashad Bishop ever since his indefinite suspension from the University of Cincinnati Bearcats team just before the start of the Big East tournament in March.

UC head coach Mick Cronin shed light on Bishop's situation at a mid-summer press conference Monday and it appears Bishop is only weeks away from possibly returning to the program.

Cronin said Bishop's scholarship was not renewed and he was given the choice to stay in Cincinnati and attempt to earn it back or move elsewhere. Bishop chose to stay at UC and is currently in the middle of a six-week "commitment program" where he must prove he is dedicated to being part of the team.

"Moreso showing myself, (Athletic Director) Mike Thomas and his teammates that he is willing to do the things we want him to do off the floor to be on the floor," said Cronin, stating he can reward a scholarship to Bishop at the completion of the six weeks. "To me, you have to have a level of integrity in your program, it is one of the reasons I was brought here. Another thing is you have to have a commitment level to your teammates. I love Rashad, he is a great kid. He has worked really hard at it. He is close, he's got a few more weeks on his commitment program. Nobody wants him on our team more than I do. Probably other than Rashad."

Cronin said Bishop is currently enrolled in school, but would not specify if the rising senior is paying his own way.

Bishop was widely regarded as the top defender on the Bearcats last year while averaging 8.4 points and 4.4 rebounds. He showed flashes of brilliance including a 19-point breakout against Villanova and 17-point surge against Marquette. Both games ended in close defeats.

If reinstated he would be the second-leading scorer returning, behind Yancy Gates.

Cronin said a decision on Bishop's status will come in early August, prior to when the team begins its practices for an exhibition trip to Canada.

"He and I will sit back down again," Cronin said. "There are monitors on him every day as far as what he is doing from a commitment standpoint, on and off the floor.

"He wants to be here and I commend him for taking the risk to doing what he has to do to be on this basketball team and help us finish our process of getting it back to what we want it to be."

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