'Til We Reach Higher Ground

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That quote always reminds me of the Stevie Wonder song and is about working until you reach the pinnacle of your goals. Every year the UC football team heads to higher ground to symbolize dropping the gauntlet and signaling the season is now priority 2 (academics first right?).

The time these young athletes spend away from everyone is very important in determining the course of their season. It's where you let go of hang-ups and beefs with the guy next to or across from you. It's where you focus on a singular goal and your role in it, even if it's not the one you had in mind. It's the ultimate sacrifice when going into competitive battle to place team goals ahead of your own. I don't think any one truly knows how this season is going to end up but I think we all know how we hope it does and it's probably similar to them. Either way the start of the season is closer than you think and these guys need to be closer than that. Higher Ground means something special to this team and if everyone "buys in to win" the first goal to winning a championship has been accomplished. If they stay that way throughout the season, the chances improve greatly.

We who are older and we who have played on teams realize now looking back how special winning teams were in our lives. You forever remember the snap shot of time and the people who were a part of it. You remember what you did to contribute even if not getting in the way or being toxic; and you remember when it culminated in victory because everybody gets the same ring, trophy or award. I've always said Michael Jordan's ring is the same style ring as the last guy on the bench's ring because it's all about the team. And when anybody on the Bulls team is introduced, its as a member of the World Champions.

So head on up to the Higher Ground and begin your quest for Big East domination and BCS redemption. The fans are waiting to cheer loudly and proudly; the media is ready to cover you like an all pro defensive back and youngsters are ready to dream of becoming you one day if you show them team work works.

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat...

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