Bearcats Breakfast 8.11.10

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The season is only two days old and already the most exciting storyline of the preseason has evolved. The battle at cornerback? No. The transition of the new coaching staff? Nah.

The offense is growing mustaches. Oh yeah.

In honor of a fantastic photo floating around Twitter as Connor Barwin's avatar (since taken down, or I would link the glorious shot), the team will be unleashing their inner Sellecks. Zach Collaros doubts his fullness capablities, but in time it could happen.

Be sure to check back for mustache updates as the season progresses.

--- In more serious news, (sort of) UC was ranked No. 18 in the Sports Illustrated preseason poll. Of any major publication poll, SI provides the highest ranking. UC was at No. 26 in the USA Today coaches poll and back in the 40s in many other publications. SI's poll will officially release today.

--- Isaiah Pead feels all of the disrespect being directed at the two-time defending Big East champs and, not shockingly, Pead refuses to hold back in addressing it.

He did so to Bill Koch.

In many ways, the preseason rankings -- whether it be Pitt ahead of UC in the BE media poll and the Bearcats lacking a single first-place vote -- or any of the numerous 40-something placements circulating the interwebbings, should be taken as disrespect by these players.

It is the national media's way of saying, it wasn't the players that delivered all the success of the football team over the past two seasons, it was Brian Kelly. With so many weapons returning, the only determining factor could be the coaching change. And those pundits are allowed their opinion, but if I were a player who endured the last two years and won two championships and was returning with a similiar cast in hopes of a three-peat and already being counted out, well, I would probably sound quite a bit like Pead.

Considring how this program thrived off the disrespect card the past two years, the coaching staff should be thanking all the doubters at the magazines and websites.

--- The UC blog takes a look at how the freshmen are faring at the beginning of fall practice. Pretty hard to tell much of anything from two games in shorts and jerseys, but there is some good one-on-one clips of Munchie Legaux working on his stance.

--- Kerry Coombs talks with Tom Gelehrter and makes me want to be a better man.

--- The AP takes a look at the new coaches in the Big East and picks UConn to win the conference. The AP is usually pretty conservative down the lines with predictions, so surprising to see them go with the upset.

That said, UConn returns 16 starters from a team that was less than 20 points from enjoying a perfect regular season last year. Not an absurd concept to see the Huskies break through.

--- A UC fan in Brian Bennett's Big East blog points out in his mailbag that one of Kenbrell Thompkins' first games in his return to college football next season will be against Tennessee. Only a small storyline there.

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