Bearcats Breakfast 8.18.10

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This will be a slim and trim version of the Breakfast today with a lot going on, including a trip out to Higher Ground to check out the UC scrimmage this afternoon. I'll have plenty on that when I get back.

Until then, here's some fodder...

--- Rich Cirminiello previews the Big East and says the road to the BCS flows through the Backyard Brawl. He gives the Bearcats their due, but thinks Pitt and WVU are the class of the conference.

---  Tim Adams talked to C.J. Cobb about his fight to finally be a starter. OL coach Don Mahoney raved about Cobb before camp started. He called his recovery from his leg injury one of the great stories of the offseason. It's Cobb's last chance and he wasn't about to let it slip away due to injury.

The funny thing is, it actually helped inspire his backup, Andre Cureton to lose 30+ pounds. Cureton saw Cobb's work ethic and it rubbed off on him a little bit. With Cureton in shape, he can challenge Cobb at the right tackle spot. It will be a fun position to watch as the season draws closer.

--- UC's blog has a video documenting the work of the offensive line at Higher Ground. Caution: Beware of grunting and lifting.

--- Bill Koch talks a little bit more about the hot topic right now of defensive line depth.

--- Our man Tommy Gelehrter reports that former Bearcats safety Aaron Webster is signing with the Chicago Bears today.

--- Of course, I wouldn't leave you without a little mustache humor, this time it is Jonah Hill on Sesame Street talking about lip fur.

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