Bearcats Breakfast 8.20.10

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A pretty nice little Friday planned. We have UC media day and a Butch Jones press conference at noon. UC basketball will hve its first practice and media availability for the Canadian trip today at 2:30 and there's even a Bengals game tonight to complete the trifecta. I might go to Bed, Bath and Beyond -- I don't know, I don't know if I'll have enough time.

--- I wouldn't expect too much news to come out of the Jones presser, likely more of the same stuff we have been hearing all camp, only this time the TV cameras will be there instead of just writers.

--- For the basketball team, the only news would be the appearance of Rashad Bishop, who's scholarship has still not been picked up by Mick Cronin. Bill Koch talked about it in his story yesterday. Originally, we were told there would be an announcement for early August and it was assumed we would know by the beginning of these practices. We will see what happens.

--- As for the Bengals, Marvin Lewis had some kind words about former Bearcat MIke Windt, which I posted on the blog. Darrin Simmons, the special teams coordinator, has said Windt is doing everything correctly, thus far. But that position is all about what you do under the real-game pressure. That's why Brad St. Louis isn't here anymore. In reality, it would be hard to imagine the Bengals picking Windt over a guy in Clark Harris who did the job successfully all of last season after St. Louis was let go. But a few more plays like his fumble recovery against Denver, and he may force their hand.

--- For those of you trying to watch the Bengals-Eagles game, it won't be on TV because the game didn't sell out and won't even be on tape delay. However, the always in the know producer at Channel 19, Rufus Millenor, told me about

You can watch just about any event through the feeds of other stations. And Bengals-Eagles is already there as a link to click on

Not sure about the legality of any of this, but hey, it will get you the game tonight if you are that thirsty for preseason football.

It will be chance to check out former Bearcat Brent Celek, who Kevin Goheen profiled here.

--- As a little bit of self-promotion, I had a couple items posted up on the blog yesterday, there is so much going on at these days, some of the stories tend to cycle out of the top spots pretty fast.

I premiered the Ink of the Week series by taking a look at two of D.J. Woods' tattoos. Woods' motto he and his father came up with -- Humble, Hungry, Focused -- gives you a good peak into the mentality of the WR. And a reason why you should expect him to put up big numbers again this year.

Also, I had a story on Maalik Bomar and Walter Stewart, who both put on 22 pounds of muscle this offseason. Those long hours of work could be difference makers, Bomar wouldn't be on the field without that weight and Stewart's ability to power through weak blocks on the edge will make him even more dangerous for UC.  

--- Tomorrow will be two weeks until kickoff at Fresno. If you aren't starting to get excited now, you probably don't read this blog every day.

--- Mardy Gilyard will see his first game action of the preseason on Saturday night. He's currently playing with a wrist guard on his hand from a bruise he suffered in a scrimmage, but will take the field in Cleveland.

Not shockingly, he has impressed in camp and is still professing his love for the city of Cincinnati.

--- Meanwhile, time is running out on Tony Pike, but the former UC QB is staying positive.

--- Armon Binns named third-team preseason All-America by Rivals. Of note, Pitt placed three players on the first team. And none of those are name Greg Romeus, who was bumped to the second team. Bad news for Bearcats fans: Pitt is most definitely loaded. Good news: It's all on Wannstache now.

--- Tommy G, back in the hard hat, on the new practice turf just put down at the Jefferson Ave. Sports Complex. 

--- I don't want to put any more power into the hands of folks like Colin Cowherd and Jesse Palmer either, but to contend ESPN owning the BCS Bowl games will open the door for them to sway the competitors they want is a bit far-fetched. But maybe I just need to be a little more jaded.  

--- Brian Bennett puts the UC defense on the spot.

--- I keep hearing more and more arguments for UConn winning the Big East. They are all pretty legit. The Huskies own the best of in the Big East of what I always deem to be the most important position in football -- the offensive line. They are returning nearly all their starters from last year, including their QB.

Oh, and they host WVU, Pitt and UC. That means the Bearcats possibly needing to go into Hartford the day after Thanksgiving and win a game in the snow for the title. Not that they haven't done something of that ilk before.

Just another excuse to link to this!

--- In some bit of random humor, not sure why this biker was wearing a camera, but I am glad he was.  

--- I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, maybe shares a couple of pops with the folks on the cul-de-sac. That is, unless you live in the neighborhood with this disgruntled 84-year-old man who was arrested for bloodying the police chief. Then you should just stay in your houses.

There are two things I hope to be when I am 84 -- 1) alive and 2) not like this guy.

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