Bearcats Breakfast 8.24.10

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I will be spending some of my morning at the Sprint store...again.

Don't buy a Palm Pre. Ever. Just don't. Get rid of Sprint while you're at it. Though, judging by the national sales numbers, it appears most of you already have.

Of course, serving you your morning goodness always takes priority. So here you go... 

--- Brian Bennett breaks out the best case/worst case scenario on UC. As is always the case with these things, the season will likely fall somewhere in the middle. And if UC really were to win the Big East and beat Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, you would have to put up barriers to keep Bearcats fans from laying bricks for the expansion of the stadium themselves.

Of course, the blog also mentions Steve Kragethorpe (from this point forward known as "the K word" -- which much like The L Word on HBO would make for good television. Only instead of the plot revoloving around lesbianism, it would revolve around complete program self-destruction).

The mere mention of the K word makes my stomach turn south faster than Matt Leinert's career.

--- The latest edition of the position analysis I know all of you were on the edge of your seat about was posted last night. Kerry Coombs talks DBs

--- Butch Jones confirmed to us yesterday that freshman Solomon Tentman did tear his ACL and is out for the year. Tough break, but he will be a major asset next year after a season of building muscle.

 --- Much is made about money in the UC athletic department -- or at least the lack of it in comparison to other BCS schools. Well, the Bearcats aren't alone.

--- You are looking live at Kirk Herbstreit's perfect hair.

Brent Musburger sets up Herbstreit to pick winners in the Big East and he likes UConn. The more you look at it, the harder it is to argue with the Huskies. Dominating offensive line, 17 starters, relatively experienced quarterback, home games against Pitt, WVU and UC, a team that figured out how to win close games late in the year after losing so many early. It's a recipe for success.   

--- The Bearcats are headed to Dave and Buster's in Tri-county from 7-8:30 tonight for a public season kickoff event. If you need me, I will rolling all-comers in pop-a-shot.

--- UC President Greg Williams was up at the Enquirer yesterday and unveiled major Nippert Expansion is "not in the cards."

If a waiting list starts to grow at UC and people that want to go to games cannot, count me among those that would get behind more than one game a year at Paul Brown Stadium.

Decisions like the one Williams is forced to make put the Bearcats in a corner when it comes to big games. The OU game this year will be a good measuring stick for possible future events there.

--- One of my favorite sites, Ballin' is a Habit, put together an all-too-encompassing Big East preview. It reads about the same as the rest of the hoops previews, so, UC fans may just wan to skim it. There are certainly no shortage of Bearcats doubters right now.

--- I'm a fan of the Jersey Shore. I've never hidden this fact. They're absolute cartoons of hilarity. In watching the show, I often wondered how much money these folks are making off appearances and endorsements.

Well, apparently The Situation cleared $5 million. That made me vomit in my mouth a little.

--- The PDJ PSA of the day: Driving your car in excess of 100 mph is unsafe. Driving directly into a median and hitting it like a speed ramp is extremely unsafe.

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