Bearcats Breakfast 8.26.10

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Should be a pretty eventful day with some basketball and football practice going on in the Varsity Village. Butch Jones' crew will make their return to campus with a gameday walkthru while Mick Cronin's clan is preparing for the upcoming Canada trip. I'll poke around and see what kind of trouble I can get to and report back later in the day.

To hold you over, how about some Breakfast...

--- It's time to start making specific plans for Fresno State. Well, if you will be at the game, there a tailgate party is already in the works.

--- The Bearcats are practicing every possible scenario, including what to do if Zach Collaros gets injured. Collaros scared the life out of nearly everyone at camp when he went down as part of a drill for the training staff on Wednesday. Luckily, it was all fake and Collaros is OK.

--- Tommy G spoke with Butch Jones for the final time at Higher Ground, at which point Jones talked about Chazz Anderson having a slight edge over Brandon Kay for the second QB job and some other nuggets about the time spent at Higher Ground. 

--- Everyone's favorite Big East blogger Brian Bennett spent Wednesday at Higher Ground and came away with some observations.  

--- Dominick Goodman is killing it playing football in Europe right now. Here is a highlight video of his last game. He is playing both ways and apparently making every play on the field. The camera operation would be considered shoddy at best, but it gets better and there's some nice highlights beginning around the 2-minute mark for those who miss seeing Goodie play.

--- Depth continues to be the big word of concern around the Bearcats as camp concluded. As Jones told Bill Koch, "I'm excited about our 22."

Jones is obviously not as thrilled about the other 80-some, but as the season pushes forward you have to expect playmakers will emerge.

--- Collaros hasn't been able to sleep the past five or six nights. He's up thinking about Fresno. A few hours of sleep might be able helpful for game week. I suggest either ambien or watching the Slap Chop infomercial on repeat.

Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life.

--- Tony Pike talks about his situation with Carolina and talks quite a bit about his time in Cincinnati. Cutdown day is coming with the Panthers and Pike is battling Hunter Cantwell to hang on as the third QB.

--- The Butch Jones blog has updates on former Bearcats Alex Daniels, Haruki Nakamura, Ryan Manalac, Jeff Linkenbach and Mardy Gilyard.

--- What happened with the Doak Walker watch list displays exactly why nobody should pay attention to any of these lists. Two...count 'em, two, RBs from Louisville were selected to the national RB watch list, but Isaiah Pead was not among them. Five Big East backs made it with Dion Lewis, Noel Devine and Jordan Todman joining Victor Anderson and Bilal Powell, of U of L. If you were to ask 100 people in the know to name the top five RBs in the Big East, Pead would be on 99 of those. I guess we found the one was compiling the Doak list.

--- Andy Katz and Doug Gottlieb took a summer look at the Big East basketball landscape and placed UC at 11.

--- This girl can't control her moped.

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