Bearcats Breakfast 8.4.10

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No shortage of information came out of the Big East Media Day on Tuesday. So, no long stories about my searches for obscure offensive tackles today.

Let's dig right in...

--- ESPN's Big East Media Day homepage is the home page for Big East coverage. Brian Bennett is joined by Ivan Maisel to crank out good stuff on every topic imaginable in Newport.

It includes a look at the comments of commissioner John Marinatto about securing the league's future. To be going forward on the concept that Marinatto doesn't understand how four 16-team conferences would benefit college football as a talking point, I would say is a mistake. However, anything that didn't involve some type of Big East Network or significant ESPN contract, they might as well just disband. Luckily, it appears the expertise of Paul Tagliabue made a positive impact on the powers that be.

Elsewhere on the page, there is a good quote from Butch Jones -- not necessarily groundbreaking -- but a positive attitude, nonetheless:

"Right now, we're not defending anything," Jones said. "We're not defending a championship; we're pursuing a championship. Any time you win a championship, you become a measuring stick. Everyone's working to beat us."

This may not mean anything in the matter of wins and losses, but Jones is saying and doing all the right things. He successfully manuevered through his first nine months without any real missteps. Doing so isn't exactly solving a Rubix Cube, but it isn't Hungry, Hungry Hippos either. (Has there ever been an easier game to play? You mean I just keep hitting the lever over and over again? Cool.) 

Speaking of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, in two years Pitt's Greg Romeus has put down 10 lobsters at media days. Shouldn't he get a free Clambake bib for that? Methinks so.

--- Apparently the Big East considered adding four teams and sporting a 20-team mega-hoopsstravaganza when the Big 12 was breaking up, according to Zag's Blog. The college hoopster in me just drooled on himself a little.    

--- Bill Koch of The Enquirer has a notebook that includes Romeus talking about how his Panthers have not forgotten the events of Dec. 5.

Which yet again gives me an excuse to link to this.

Plus, he mentions that the Big East will mandate teams publish injury reports, which is great news for reporters that don't want to have to hound players to find out what percentage they are three times a week.

---  Pittsburgh is the pick to win the conference by the media, but they are proceeding with caution, as Brian Grummell points out for AOL Fanhouse. Also, Dr. Saturday delves into the Pittsburgh topic

As proud church festival emcee Mo Egger pointed out in his blog, isn't Dave Wannstedt still the coach?

Yeah, "Caution!" should be the team motto written across the back of their shirts.

I will say the same line I always say in regards to Wannstedt: What has he ever won as a head coach?

--- I always loved the concept of The Toilet Bowl. Perhaps growing up a Cincinnati fan always endeared me to the battles of last place teams. Apparently, the folks at the Big East Network agree with me becuase they tabbed Louisville-Syracuse the Game of the Week for the week of Nov. 6.

The Orioles vs. the Mariners on FoxSports Northwest thinks that's an uninspiring matchup.

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