Ink of the week: D.J. Woods

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Each week throughout football season I will feature a tattoo of a UC football player. Everybody has ink these days and these tatts obviously mean something to the guys. They spend plenty of hours and energy coming up with the perfect concept. They should be given the opportunity to show them off.

What better way to get to know the Bearcats players you cheer on every weekend than to hear about things most important to them.

Now, I am certainly not a tattoo expert. Don't have one, never considered it and likely never will. I'm kind of a wimp that way. However, I really appreciate what they mean to other people. And love hearing other people talk about theirs.

If you are talking tattoos on the Cincinnati Bearcats there is nowhere you can start other than D.J. Woods. The UC wideout is inked across his chest and down both arms. He says he has been under the needle eight times and only goes to his guy Billy in Clifton. 

I caught up with him and he told me about two of those that mean the most to him.


Who: D.J. Woods, Jr., WR

Where: Left arm

What: Three stars, aligned vertically next to the acronym HHR, standing for Humble, Hungry, Focused

When: Woods got the stars and HHR done after his senior year in high school before he played in the Big 33 All-Star game featuring the best players from Ohio against the best from Pennsylvania.

What it means: "Me and my dad made HHR up when I was in high school. We would have eye black with HHF on it. It was for football, but it really stands for everything in life."



D.J. Woods, No. 2

Where: Left pectoral

What: Famous quote from Martin Luther King, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in comfort, but where he stands at times of a challenge and controversy."

When: Woods inked this when he got to UC.

What it means: "I was asking around and was looking at quotes becuase I really needed something about stepping up to the plate and being a man. Then I found out Dr. Martin Luther King said it, and I got it."

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