Marvin Lewis talks about Mike Windt

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Former Bearcats center Mike Windt made his first big impression during Sunday's Bengals game against Denver. Windt ran down on a punt where a Broncos player muffed the catch and dove into a pile for the loose fumble. He came out with the ball.

In a preseason where there are few opportunities for specialist like Windt at long-snapper to be noticed for anything expect screwing up, this was certainly a nice play.

Windt is currently competing with incumbent Clark Harris, who took over last season when longtime starter Brad St. Louis suddenly couldn't connect.

At today's press conference, Lewis discussed Windt and his current prospects with the Bengals.

"I think Mike has handled this pretty well," Lewis said. "I think this I'm sure has been a good experience for him, much like the placekickers and punters and specialists that perform in the National Football League, it's got to be a little bit of time on task and they have to get a little bit of opportunity out there under the lights. I've been pleased we have been able to give Mike the opportunity thus far and we will see what happens. But it has not been too big for him, he has done well in the games and well in practice and that is why he is still here."


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